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Thursday, February 17, 2011


We slept for almost ten hours! Obviously needed some catching up in the sleep department! Felt much better, and we got under way around 8:15am. We only had 47 kms (29 miles) to our next destination at Maruata, but that could take hours on these roads…

The road was very twisty windy, but in generally good condition. There was only one obstacle we had to watch out for…spiders! Now, when you can see a spider on the road from the front seat of the motorhome, you know the spider must be pretty big, right? Yes, they were tarantulas…we saw four of them crossing the road at different times. Too bad there was nowhere to pull over to grab a photo. We made it to Maruata around 9:30am. You cannot plan on getting anywhere fast in Mexico!

Maruata is a beautiful little Mexican beach community that is also another protected turtle area. There is also good surfing here, and a lot of young people from Guadalajara area come here on weekends. The military have a base here, and there is an old airstrip that runs beside part of the beach. Two years ago when we were here, we had parked on the airstrip for free across from the military base, but now there were some structures built there and even though we could have parked there, it wasn’t ideal.

Our friends Paula and Jerry from Nova Scotia (who we had met traveling Mexico two years ago and have stayed in touch with) had emailed us asking if we would stop in and say hello to their friends Chon and Lety who have a palapa tenting area and restaurant on the beach in Maruata. I rode my bike from the airstrip to find Chon and Lety to see if the parking area would be suitable for Sherman, and it was…so that’s where we are parked for 100 pesos ($8.40) per night. (GPS N18.27014 W103.34692)

There is no cell service here, but there is an internet café so I went over and used that for a couple of hours. It’s a bit slow, but I was able to get the blog from yesterday uploaded, and will do the same tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Ruth and Whiskey were set up in the shade reading and staring at the ocean. When I arrived back, she was talking to three teenage boys who had driven here from Lazero Cardenias for a couple of days. The boys spent almost all afternoon with us, and we had a lot of Spanish practice! One of them was very talkative, but the other two were a little shy. They were very impressed with our binoculars…looking out for girls on the beach!

We went for a late afternoon walk down the beach and saw a lot of turtle tracks in the sand. This was the beach where we saw a turtle laying her eggs two years ago, so we’ll try and go for a walk before sunrise tomorrow and maybe we’ll see some more.


  1. Beautiful beach! We've never been lucky enough to be able to see a turtle laying eggs...but keep trying!

  2. Did you run over the spiders or drive around them?
    Great photos, looks like Ruth has a bit of a sunburn?
    So jealous!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey thanks for the update you two! The beach looks just like we remembered it. Hopefully we will make it next year.....
    Paula & Jerry

  4. Is Lupita still making her Cinnamon buns by the ramada on the North end of the beach?
    See my pictures from 2007

  5. Looks like another great beach, boy you guys sure know where to stop, I could probably stand about a month of a place like that. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  6. Karen and Al...We were lucky last time we were here two years ago and saw a turtle either laying or just finished laying them. What a great sight that was.

    Chis...Whiskey is happy but not so much when her Mexican dog friends get a little too personal with her.

    WBY...We drove around them. There was only one that was really in our way and Kevin had to drive right close to the edge of the road and we had tree branches scraping up against us. Good thing Sherman is a tough cookie.

    Paula and Jery...No problem. Lety and Chon are wonderful peolple. We will be back to visit them again, maybe you will be there too!

    John Kobak...Sorry didn't get your comment until after we left there. We will have to check it out next time, or at least Kevin will. I unfortunately can't eat gluten.

    Sam and Donna...We could easily have as well but we have to start heading north and our next stop is somewhere that we want to spend a week at.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  7. LOL at the borrowing of the binoculars --- you just created three new stalkers??? hahahahha

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Karen and Steve...They thought those binoculars were the neatest thing. According to them binoculars are expensive in Mexico.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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