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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Acapulco (day 3)

Well the reason we stayed here another day was to get some more cleanup done to Sherman. Ruth had a major bathroom and shower cleanup to do, and my job for the day was the carpet.

So because we have paid for water and electricity, we had better make use of it! We love having Whiskey with us, but she loses so much fur and it doesn’t vacuum easily. Plus, out little dirt devil vacuum isn’t the most efficient to begin with. After getting all the fur tidied up, I used a bucket and a wet rag to give the carpet a bit of a shampoo. Not the most effective carpet cleaning service, but I did manage to do a decent job on the main carpet area, and it looks much better. It was actually a pretty hard job and my hands are a bit sore. I know, you have lots of sympathy for me as my hands haven’t done much more than lift a beer for the last month or so!

Later in the afternoon, we went for a bike ride. Reader Contessa had asked if we would go to one of the other RV parks and check things out to see if they were still open.

Turned out we bicycled about 14 kms (9 miles) for the total return trip. It was nice and flat though, so no hills to deal with.

Looking back towards Acapulco from the lagoon

The first RV park we checked out was the Playa Luces RV Park. This park used to be a KOA, believe it or not, but my guess is that they couldn’t live up to the KOA standards. Actually, I have no idea as to why they stopped being a KOA. We rode out bikes in and spoke with a fellow named Leon. He said that rates are 250 pesos at this time of year, the same as where we are staying. There was only one rig there, a motorhome with a temporary Texas tag on it. There were also a couple of trailers that looked like they were just being stored. This park is a little rough, and it looked like they were doing some maintenance…but it also has some high points. Each site has it’s own little hot tub style dipping pool…and the main swimming pool is very nice. We would have been better off here than the Acapulco Trailer Park where we stayed.

The Playa Luces RV Park

We continued further on to the Sol y Arenas RV Park. It turns out this is the nicest of the three parks, and also the most expensive at 300 pesos ($25.21) per night. This includes elctricity, and it is enough to run one RV air conditioner if you choose. The owner, Pilar, did offer us a site for 250 pesos without electric. We spoke to a very nice couple from Quebec City who are staying for a couple of months…but the monthly rate is very high at 6000 pesos ($500) per month. This is WAY too expensive by Mexican standards, and is clearly geared towards gringo money. Having said that, it is a very nice park.

Sol y Arenas RV Park

Typical site at the Sol y Arenas RV Park

We rode back to Sherman and Ruth made brocolli and chicken pizza…it was great.

Tomorrow, we’ll head towards Zihautanejo, but we’ll probably only drive about half way. May not have internet because we’ll be staying at a pretty much deserted beach where there is another turtle sanctuary.

The lagoon on the opposite side of the street from where we are staying


  1. love the serenity that effuses from the top photo...

  2. Love your park discriptions, we learn a lot about what to expect to pay and what is reasonable just by reading your blog, you guys are really savvy travelers.Looks like everyday is as nice as the one before.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. How cool that each site has a little hot tub! I think it would be fun to stay there at least one night, just to say you been there, done that. LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. heyduke50...Thanks! Sure a different story on the side of the road where we are parked, the ocean waves are crashing in so loudly it sounds like explosions and Sherman even shakes. It's nice that this RV spot has access to both the ocean and the lagoon.

    Sam and Donna...We hope it helps people in deciding where to go if they are travelling in Mexico. I think the majority of folks prefer the RV parks and I am sure most aren't as concerned with the dollar factor (pesos in this case) as we are. Not everyone wants to travel the way we do, but that's what we enjoy.

    Karen and Steve...They are cool, but they aren't hot tubs just dipping pools, still really nice. We were tempted to go there last night as we hadn't yet paid for our third night here, but it was late in the day and we just couldn't justify moving for such a short time. Next year maybe will will splurge and stay there for a few nights.

    Gail...It sure was. Apparently Pilar really works hard at keeping it nice so hopefully it won't fall to ruins like many places end up doing after a number of years.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  5. Hey Kevin, We only have carpet in our bedroom of our RV but we found a solution to Mojo hair...crocs, yes those shoes, Rocket wears them and moves his feet across the carpet, all the hair balls up and voila, then we vacuum. It works for a small area not sure you'd want to do an entire RV like that! Having said that, I'm sure you, like me, would rather have the hair than the alternative! We keep joking that we'll be finding MO Hair for the rest of our lives. Travel safe, Kelly, Rocket and Mojo.

  6. Nice pictures, great ideas for where to stay, excellent post!

    Travel safe!

  7. Where do you plan on staying in ZIH.? Are there some reasonable parks around La ropa? Sure enjoy reading your blog daily!

  8. Have you guys found any monthly rates in your travels that are less than 3500 pesos? I'm a bit concerned about our long term travel plans if we have to pay 6000 - 7000 pesos per month.

  9. Chris...yes, there are a lot fo places with monthly rates at 3500 or less. The Sol y Arenas park is at the high end of extreme at 6000 pesos per month.


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