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Friday, February 11, 2011

Piedra de Tlacoyunque

The waves coming in from the beach were crashing in so loudly last night that the force actually rocked the motorhome. I didn’t think that was possible, but it really did. We didn’t get to bed until almost midnight in the first place, and then we were woken up by the waves while it was still dark. Still, we didn’t get up until 7:00am.

Today was a driving day, so we try and leave reasonably early, but that didn’t happen. Probably because we knew we didn’t have a real long way to go, but still we should not have been so late leaving. It was 10:20am by the time we pulled out of Acapulco Trailer Park.

First on the agenda was a gas station on the way back to the highway. We put in 1,000 pesos ($84.00) worth of fuel (about 114 litres), and I asked if I could pay with Visa. The girl said she needed identification, and I went and got my passport. That’s fine, but when we put the card through, it was declined. This has happened before in the grocery store, but then when they use another card reader, it is approved. Not this time though, and we paid with cash. I thought afterwards I should have tried aith Amex, because their sign said they took Amex. No worries, we had the cash on hand anyhow. As they were putting the fuel in, a local police officer wandered over with rifle in hand, asking questions about our trip and the motorhome. Everybody is just a little bit curious, and you can almost see them shiver when we tell them what the typical temperature is in Canada right now!

Men working with coconuts

Today’s trip brought us through mango and palm tree plantations and for the most part, the road was pretty good. Even had the cruise control on for a few kms! We had one toll road section that cost 47 pesos ($3.95) for a road that was only about 3 kms long. There was a free road alternative that was about 10 kms long, and it also went through a town. We were happy to pay the 47 pesos.

One section of road was under construction though, and this part was pretty slow going. Fortunately, it didn’t last long.

We arrived at road sign marker km150 (all of the highways in Mexico have a marker sign every km) and turned in towards Piedra de Tlacoyunque, which is a pristine unspoiled beach that is a protected turtle sanctuary. We parked here for the night two years ago, and it’s a little more than halfway between Acapulco and Zihuatanejo, so it makes for a great overnight spot. The possible downside is that it is very isolated…about 3 kms off the main road, and there is nobody else around. Last year there was a guy on an ATV zipping along the beach all night long doing turtle stuff, but this time there is nobody. On the bright side, it’s very isolated and there is nobody else around! This is a great boondocking spot. I bet you could stay here for a week and nobody would care.

Pretty nice free camping!

Nice view out of our back window!


  1. Wow looks so beautiful and peaceful there. I love that, no neighbors!

    I would totally stay there a week!!!


  2. Great to spend the night. Love the sound of surf!

  3. Those thundering pounding waves are quite common in Pie de la Cuesta. Believe it or not you do get use to it. Now as to where you are now...how would a 40' pusher towing manage the 3KM road in?

  4. Now that's a real boondocking spot. Man, that looks good.

  5. Contessa...yes, you could make it into Piedre de Tlacoyunque with your big rig and a toad. Just have to go slow to avoid the potholes, the road is (was) paved, but is deteriorating. GPS coordinates are N 17.25401 W 101.00530

    Others...yes, this a fantastic boondocking spot. Come with empty holding tanks and a full fridge, and stay for a week.

  6. What a neat beach camping area, love the price too, does it ever calm down so you can swim.those waves look pretty violent to us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. Sam and Donna...nope, the waves never stop, so this is not a good swimming beach. But the scenery and price make up for the fact that you can't swim here!

  8. That is one fantastic boondocking area!

    Karen and Steve
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