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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Puerto Escondido (day 3)

Mary took Ruth into town today to do some shopping. Ruth wanted a new swimsuit and we are both better off if I don’t have to be there for clothes shopping!

Whiskey and I just lazed around for the day. I read my book and watched the crew come and do the floor for the kitchen in the new restaurant.

They did all the concrete mixing by hand. It looked like LOTS of work. It’s so funny, they just set themselves up on the side of the road, and do it right there on the road surface. They had three guys constantly mixing the concrete. Two at a time, and then when one got tired he would stand out while the third guy went in, and they would switch around like that. Meanwhile, other guys would carry the concrete in buckets from the mixing site to where another guy was spreading it on the new floor.


Ruth and Mary had a successful day shopping, and Ruth came back with two swimsuits for 180 pesos ($15.00) each, and six pairs of underwear for 100 pesos ($8.33).

One of the outdoor markets in Puerto

The butcher

Fruit and veggie market

Mary made enchiladas for dinner. They were really good, but quite a bit different than the enchiladas Ruth makes.




  1. Donna loves to hear the prices when you go shopping, you guys pay half of what those items would cost in the USA. The enchilada's look great, my son't girlfriend Samantha is of Mexican descent and she is the chief enchilada maker around here.Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves and saving money. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Looking at the concrete work was interesting. Also the enchiladas sure sound good.


  3. Interesting cement work. The finished floor looked great. I didn't see any plumbing pipes coming out of the cement floor? I guess that would be expecting too much?

  4. Sam and Donna...Yeah, we like telling you about the prices here. One day we are going to come to Mexico and not return to Canada! The cost of living is much better here. We have only found one thing that is more expensive here than Canada...the cost of electricity.

    Rick and Paulette...No, there is no plumbing run through the floor. I expect what they'll do is run a garden hose from the outdoor faucet near the house. And the drainage would just go on the ground as most of it does anyhow. Would this work in Canada? Of course not, but this isn't Canada and it works fine here. By the way, I did some asking and apparently the restaurants in town are inspected, but there are literally thousands of "comeda economica" (cheap food) stands around the country and none of these would ever be inspected. They still operate off the premise that if the food is good, people will return.

  5. i can tell you right now those enchiladas look muy bueno...

  6. John and Ellen...Watching those guys work was very interesting. They each knew what they had to do and got the work done, all by hand too boot!

    heyduke50...Those enchiladas were fantastic. Can't get originals like these outside of Mexico.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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