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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania .

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Playa Tangolunda (Huatulco)

We actually ended up leaving at 7:30am. There were no cars blocking our exit, so I said goodbye to uncle Eugenio and confirmed that we didn’t owe him any money for parking. He said no, that we are friends of Mary’s and that is enough. We shook hands and said goodbye for now.

We needed gas right away, and we were also getting low on cash. We went to the one nearby gas station and I asked if we could pay with Visa…they said they had to check and see if their card machine was working properly…tried to put through a 1,000 peso charge, and it was declined…due to their machine, not our card! Anyhow, that meant that we could kill two birds with one stone and we headed into Puerto to use a bank machine for some cash. Back to the gas station, and paid in cash. Now, we have gas and cash leftover!

It was about a 100 km drive today, and it took us about 2 hours. In fact, we arrived at Huatulco airport at around 10:00am. What were we doing at Huatulco airport you ask?

Alex’s flight was from New York to Acapulco and back, with connecting flights in Houston. We wanted to try and get that changed so that he can leave from Huatulco…much more convenient, and what I should have booked to begin with. Anyhow, the same airline has a flight from Huatulco, so I changed it all online and it was supposed to cost an extra $160…the system had me load my credit card info and everything…and then I hit “complete” or whatever, and it wouldn’t complete…it said I had a to phone a 1-800 number to complete the transaction. Pain in the butt! So we’ve tried the 1-800 number a few times and it won’t connect! I even sent them an email, but no response.

So get this…now, the system says he is booked on two different return flights…one from Acapulco, and one from Huatulco….both connecting in Houston, but to different connecting flights. It has reserved his seating and everything…and it hasn’t charged us the extra money.

So we stopped at the airport to go to the Continental Airlines desk and try and fix this little mess of theirs…but their one daily flight doesn’t leave until mid afternoon so the desk doesn’t open until noon. I’ll go back there another afternoon on the local bus. Or, maybe we should just show up for his flight (comes with a confirmation number and everything!) next Monday and see what happens!

After that, we stopped at the big Super Che grocery store here and stocked up on a few items. Then, over to the Huatulco public trailer park. It’s actually just a parking lot, but it’s in the palm trees and it has showers and washrooms and a dump station and water fill. And it’s a 5 minute walk to the beach. Cost is 50 pesos per person per night, and so there are three of us… 150 pesos ($12.50) for the night.

Parked up for a few days at Playa Tangolunda

There is one German fellow here in VW van with Alberta tags, and a dually pickup with a camper that houses a couple from Spain. Haven’t noticed yet where the plates are from, but the people are from Europe.

We took Whiskey for a walk on the beach, and because this is a tourist area that caters to mostly Canadian charter vacations from Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, there aren't any other dogs around. Whiskey walks right along with us and people stare at her like she’s not supposed to be on the beach or something. It’s pretty funny actually.

Whiskey, Alex, and Ruth on our evening walk.


  1. What a beautiful beach! And the sunshine and blue sky...we are in the cold though the sun did shine for a little while today.

    Enjoy your time with Alex!

  2. Looks like you guys are meeting you minimum daily requirement for beaches.We too have sun but very cold temperatures. maybe sometime this spring we will get away to a beach someplace. Hope all is well and Alex gets his flight home with no problems.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. Happy new year!! Sorry a little late but have been busy over the new year. The weather looks much better with you than it is here. Keep enjoying that beautiful sunshine. Tony and Helen xx

  4. Ali...The beach is beautiful, the skie is beautiful and the sunshine is great. Hope the weather improves for you, it won't be long and you too will be headed to warmer weather.

    Sam and Donna...We are definitely getting our ration of vitamin D.

    Tony and Helen...Happy New Year to you as well. Hope everyone is doing well. Come and join us, we would be happy to have you. Lots of sunshine and beach here to share.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  5. Looks much quieter than when we were there with you, are you finding most places have less RV's this year ?

  6. Steve and Glen...Definitely! Have hardly seen any RV's on the road. Acapulco has lots in the Diamante Trailer Park and at the one at Pie de la Cuesta there are quite a few. Hardly any at the trailer park on the highway in Puerto Escondido. Very quiet this year!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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