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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playa Tangolunda (Huatulco, day 11)

Had a coasting kind of a morning…me on the internet, while Ruth and Alex took Whiskey for a walk and then sat out playing cribbage.

I wasn’t looking forward to driving Sherman the 25 kms (15 miles) each way to the airport and back. His holding tanks are getting full and it was an exceptionally hot day. So I wandered over to the taxi stand and asked about hiring a taxi for a return trip. Manuel the cab driver was very helpful and we negotiated a 250 peso ($20.83) price for the drive there and back. If we had taken Sherman, it was probably going to cost at least $10 in fuel, plus the parking for the motorhome. Hiring a taxi was a much better way to do it. So Ruth stayed with Whiskey and Sherman while I went with Alex to the airport.

Got Alex all set up with his flight, said our goodbyes and I headed back to Sherman. Like I said, the sun seemed extra hot for some reason today. I even saw the solar panels putting 13.4 amps into the batteries which is the highest I’ve seen it since last summer. Anyhow, it was too hot where we were parked, so we took the lawn chairs and sat over on the sidewalk. Even now while I write this at 9:20pm, it is 31.5C (89F) inside Sherman with all the windows and the side door open.

Took Whiskey for a walk over to the trailer park just to see if there was anybody new there. Sure enough, there are four units from Quebec. Have to give the Quebecers credit for not letting the media scare them out of their trip to Mexico. Good for them!

I just checked the email, and there was a note from one of Alex’s friends saying that Alex missed his connecting flight and is stuck in Houston for the night. We managed to get through to him on Skype, and he’s fine, but not happy that he has to sleep in the airport…oh well! Turns out that U.S. customs didn’t like the sandwich Ruth had packed for him and they wanted to x-ray his bag. He only had an hour and a half between flights (you would think that is long enough, but apparently not!) and they used all of that up. He’s now on standby to fly out at 7:30am, and his scheduled flight is for 9:30am.

We are going to head back to the trailer park first thing tomorrow. Our holding tanks are getting full, and our fresh water is empty. We’ll stay there until we feel like moving on. Sherman needs a good clean up and I’ve got a couple of maintenance items to take care of.

Our free overnight parking spot at the Huatulco Tangolunda Bay parking lot.
(GPS N15.77501 W96.09824)


  1. Isn't Air service great.I don't miss flying at all. at least in the RV the customs are right there and you can just relax and wait till it's over and not worry about missing a flight, while some who cares Homeland Security guy takes his time, after all he will be home on time when his shift is over and you are sleeping on an airport bench. Be safe out there, we hope Alex gets home as quick and as safely as possible. Sam & Donna..

  2. Kevin and Ruth, glad you had such a nice time with Alex. I am sorry to learn about his difficulties in Houston. I can identify with his feelings about spending the night in an airport, never fun.


  3. Sam and Donna...Flying has it's merits over driving sometimes. Depends on the circumstances. Alex said it was backed up at customs and it took him about an hour or so to get through, then because of the sandwich I gave him he had to delare that he had food and that held him up an extra 10min. and that's what caused him to miss the flight. I figured he would have had it eaten by that time.

    John and Ellen...We had a great time with Alex, and we feel bad that he had to spend the night at the airport as well. He can sleep at his friends tomorrow.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  4. Glad Alex had such a great visit and perfect weather down there. Too bad about the sandwich - it must have been a dangerous looking one!!

  5. Rick and Paulette...We had a great time with Alex and the weather has been fantastic.

    Kevin always said I made a "mean" sandwich, I din't think they would take that literally!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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