View from our hike near Beauregard-Baret, France.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Saint-Côme-et-Maruéjols, France.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Playa Tangolunda (Huatulco, day 13)

First thing on the agenda was to clean the fridge burner. In this kind of hot weather, the burner for our fridge runs non stop.

And it does get dirty and it is a regular maintenance item to keep clean. Once a year your fridge propane burner needs to be serviced and cleaned. Ours more often, because we are not plugged into electric very often.

So that took me until almost 8:30am. Now I could relax for the rest of the day!

We did take Whiskey for a walk on a nearby road. We try and take her out fairly early in the morning, and again in the late afternoon. Otherwise, it's just too hot for her during the day.

And I did go for a walk on the beach myself later on in the morning. At the far end of the beach is the Dreams Huatulco Resort, an expensive all-inclusive. The all inclusives are very quiet at this time of year, in fact we were speaking to someone staying at the Crown Pacific across the road. It has 300 rooms, and there are only 99 people there right now. Anyhow, the Dreams resorts don’t do wrist bands. I figured I could pass as a guest, so I wandered up into the resort and looked around. Easily could have sat and had a drink, but that wouldn’t be right…would it? Hmmm.

Back at Sherman, I got ambitious enough to wash one side of Sherman. I’ll do the other side tomorrow morning. Ruth was busy looking for birds!

We both spent some time on the internet, Ruth sure does have a lot of blogs to read, and I like to research the stock market. Ruth did some reading, as well as a little more hand laundry. The time seems to fly right by while we’re doing nothing.

After supper, we decided to go out for the evening. So we walked down the beach to the Dreams Resort. I figure it’s so quiet there that they wouldn’t mind two more people being around for their evening show. So that’s what we did! We sat in two of their pool loungers overloooking the ocean while we waited for the 9:00pm show to start. Then we went and sat down and watched the show. But we were so thirsty! I was “this close” to going up and getting a bottle of water. After all, it’s an all inclusive, and we were at their evening show. But that wouldn’t be right, would it?

The show was a lip sync version of the movie Grease. It was pretty well done, and we enjoyed it. Afterwards, we walked back to the trailer park. Do we feel guilty about sneaking into the Dreams Resort? Maybe a little, but we didn’t order any drinks and our being there didn’t cost them a dime. There you have it, proof once again that you can justify anything you like!


  1. Looks like a good day, we always liked the entertainment provided at the all-inclusives, what was a marvel was the girls that served breakfast in the morning were the arobic swimming coaches in the afternoon, and then the actresses and dancers in the evening shows, they were hardworking and very talented, and then would wait on drink tables after the show and have a dance with a patrons also, just a great bunch of people and it looked like they enjoyed every minute of it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. The entertainers probably didn't mind either!

  3. Looks like a good time, who cares if you aren't "paying guests" it was fun anyway, and what will they do? just ask you to leave.
    No harm. no foul.


  4. Sam and Donna...The show was a little "cheesy", but fun to watch. a good night out, and yes they all seem to have other tasks around the resort durning the day. The cast is also made up of young people from around the world... Mexico, Canada, USA, Venezuela and Japan were but a few of countries.

    Karen and Al...No, I don't think they ded, as there weren't a lot of people there watching.

    WBY...That is sort of how we looked at it.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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