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Friday, January 21, 2011

Playa Zipolite

We stopped and got some groceries, and then some propane. We try and refill our propane tank when it gets down to about ¼ full. It’s a large tank and from full to ¼ full seems to last us about a month. That’s pretty good with the fridge running constantly on propane, and all the cooking we do.

Usually when we fill the propane, it costs anywhere between $32 and $50 depending on just how empty it is, and the price we’re paying for the gas. For some reason propane prices tend to fluctuate wildly depending on where you buy it. Here in Mexico, it’s pretty cheap, but this place was really cheap. It was only 5.16 pesos per litre ($0.43 per litre, or $1.63 per gallon) The last time we bought some in the U.S. it was $3.18 a gallon! And the cheapest we have ever paid in Canada was $0.83 per litre. So this was really cheap, our bill was 223 pesos ($18.58).

We will spend the next four or five weeks wandering our way back up the Pacific coast. Today, we headed for Playa Zipolite, about 50 kms (30 miles) back towards Puerto Escondido. There are two different ways to get to Zipolite, and neither of them are good for an RV. But we’ve been here before, and so we knew what we were in for. We decided on the longer way in, which does not have as many steep sections. But the downside is that there is one town that you have to go through on a very tight two lane road…with one lane mostly blocked by parked cars! So you have to weave your way through, constantly negotiating with drivers coming the opposite way to see who gets to pass and where. Not fun! We had to pass one truck where we came within an inch of scraping sides with him. When we leave here, we will leave at 5:30 in the morning!

Playa Zipolite is Mexico’s only “official” nude beach. It’s a very different place where pretty much anything goes…kind of stuck in the 60’s with lots of hippy type people, and hostels and little beach cabins for rent. Ruth describes it as very eclectic. Many people do keep a swimsuit on (so we are not out of place wearing ours!), but there is a lot more topless than you would see anywhere else, and certainly some who are naked. You get all types here.

And, the beach is beautiful with huge waves crashing in. So there are surfers to watch, and last time we were here we saw quite a few whales passing by.

We are parked at a little beachfront spot that has a small restaurant and tent camping area. We also have use of the showers and beachfront palapa’s for shade during the day. We take up most of their parking lot, but the owners don’t seem to mind and are happy to take our 100 pesos ($8.33) per day.

There are two actual “RV Parks” in Zipolite, despite the fact that they are not easy to get to. Maybe I’ll go for a bike ride tomorrow morning and see if there’s anybody in them.

You'll notice we have internet! Even Playa Zipolite, in the middle of nowhere, has a cell tower now. Plus, we're getting an unsecured wi-fi signal from somewhere, so we're happy to be online!


  1. Nice place, looks like a rough life haha. I would be very nervous in a little town with the RV, but it sure looks worth it to be there!

    We are getting warmer temp's here now (not -31 like last week) and expect some... snow today!!!!

    Oh well, it's winter after all.

    Would rather just be reading about winter and be down there with you guys!!!


  2. Looks like Whiskey is enjoying herself, I just love the thought of the beach life, I know Donna & I would be in our swim suits also.Hope the great journey and weather continues we are enjoying it from afar, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. WBY...Yeah, it's a tough life but someone has to do it, so we volunteered for the job!

    I was outside the motorhome going past that one truck and I can't believe how close we were, scary!!!

    Glad to hear it is warming up for you, hope you don't have too much more snow.

    Sam and Donna...Whiskey is just loving the sand and shade. I think it is too warm for her to go for walks though, she doesn't seem to be enjoying them.

    We have our swimsuits on, but are a little nervous about the water, there can be quite an undertow. I think Kevin said there were about 180 rescues in 2009. The red flags were out today.

    Chris...Thanks! We seem to be having a problem with Blogger though, the main picture hasn't come out large like it normally does for the last two days. Kevin sent them a message to see if it is their problem. We haven't done anything different to cause this to happen.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  4. Hi, Paulette is having the exact same problem with her header picture - very small. I've noticed it on a few other blogs today as well. It looks to be a blogger problem so I imagine they will fix it, and say nothing, after they get a few thousand complaints!

    Sure hope they get if fixed before you guys hit that nude beach though!

  5. Rick and Paulette...Yeah, I have noticed that on a few other blogs as well. Sure hope Blogger would get it fixed. Trust me you don't want to visualize some of the sights on the beach!

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Hola, I just came back from there. My wife & I were there for 17 days over the holidays the last couple years. It is paradise! I happened across your blog because I follow comments on Zipo, and when I read it I felt obliged to make a comment about leaving zipo at 530 am. It is still never advisable to be driving in the dark, that includes the morning too. That's how people get them stolen. Not to be a bummer, but better to be safe than sorry. When I was just down there I heard from some regulars that knows a couple that left last year at 5 am to get an early start heading for canada, and by 530 they were left on the side of the road without there motorhome. Your comment sounded like that story to me , and I just had to say something.

    Anyway enjoy paradise, that is my favorite place to rest.

    Tony Patti

  7. Tony Patti...Thanks for the advice. Once I saw what Kevin had said in the post I reminded him that it is still dark out at that time. I think he just meant that we would be living nice and early in the morning.

    We are loving it here for sure, it is beautiful and peaceful other than the big waves crashing, oh and the dogs and roosters, but then that is part of what Mexico is about.

    Thanks for following us and hope you enjoy our blog. If you think of anything in the area that is interesting for us to see, let us know.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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