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Saturday, November 30, 2019

The best boondocking spot in the world?

On Friday, the sun came out and along with it some strong winds. But that was okay because we wanted things to dry up from that big rainstorm that went through on Wednesday and Thursday.

Ruth planned a morning hike with whoever wanted to go at 9:30am. I was busy catching up on some computer work when Aron came over to say that there had been some kind of power surge overnight and his refrigerator wasn't working.

So we went over a few possible fixes, but we think the main electronic board is done. He has an RV EMS (Electrical Management System) built in that is supposed to prevent these sorts of problems, but apparently they are not foolproof. The board is actually available on Amazon Mexico and we will try to get a new one delivered to a future destination.

While this was going on, Larry was trying to fix a problem with his slide not going in properly.  He was doing some adjusting, but it turned out there was actually a weld that was broken. We were able to get a welder to come over and do a quick repair that cost 200 pesos ($13.60 CAD, $10.25 USD).

Here are some photos from Ruth's walk with Mona and Denise...

Some of the Tarahumara still live in caves.

We planned for a 1:00pm departure, but with all of the problems going on we were a little late getting going. And, many of us had to fill our fresh water tanks and there was only one faucet. And it was pretty low pressure so it took some time.

But, we finally got underway. Only a short 45 km (28 mile) drive to Divisadero, but again it was on a twisty mountain road with lots of ups and downs. It took us just over an hour!

But, the drive is worth it. Divisadero is on the rim of Mexico's Copper Canyon and the scenery is stunning.

We paid the 25 pesos ($1.70 CAD, $1.30 USD) per person entrance fee and parked our rigs overlooking the canyon.

We call this the best boondocking spot in the world.

This is the view they have out their front window!

We got set up and then went for a walk back to the Divisadero viewing area. There is a path that follows along the rim.

Zoomed in, you can see the teleferico (gondola) platform.

Divisadero viewing area.

Crossing the suspension bridge.

Ruth, Jim, Aron, and Roger.

Another view.

We are here in the off season. 
It's great to have the place pretty much to ourselves!

Tourist trinkets.

We had a campfire on the rim last night. Lots of laughs with this group! 

A few drinks by the campfire.

It was a bit chilly. We are at 7,400' altitude and with clear skies (the stars were amazing!) the temperature went close to freezing.

There are a couple of stray dogs that came by the campfire. Really friendly. Again, given a different scenario we would adopt one. They are so sweet. Anyhow, Ruth stood up from her chair to get some heat from the fire, and one of them jumped right in and took her place...

Too funny! This is pretty comfy!

Today, we hope to do some hiking and the teleferico and zipline. Beautiful sunny skies!


And in Canada...


  1. You were able to camp where you parked on the rim? Amazing beauty in that range and will need to go on the bucket list. The pictures of the native dwellers, also amazing. Great stuff!
    I'm sure those having problems enjoy your knowledge and calm in these situations. Cheers and continued safe travels.

    1. Yes, we had no problem, we also stayed here when we were here back in January 2015. It has such a fantastic view and at nighttime it is so quiet and peaceful. :-)

      This is definitely a bucket list place for sure!

      It isn't just our knowledge that is helping others out, everyone is helping everyone out and helping to quell their nerves or frustration over these issues. We have a great group of people. :-)

  2. Wow what a place to be!! Isn't it amazing what you can get done for a few peso's? Probably really good work too. You know you will end up with a dog one of these times. lol Safe Travels

    1. This is the most amazing boondocking spot that we have ever stayed at. The scenery off the rim of the canyon is just breathtaking.

      Yes, the work that we get done in Mexico has always been good and the price is great and even better yet, is they come to you to do the repair. We love Mexico! :-)

      No we won't! A dog just doesn't fit into our lifestyle at the moment or in the so called near future. We will just enjoy these strays and any other dogs we meet along our journey and that will be enough, even though our hearts go out to these dogs.

  3. Awesome views! The local dogs know how to take advantage of a situation…

    1. Yep, the views are downright spectacular. :-)

      These dogs know a sucker when they see one. lol!

  4. Wow! That teleférico platform looks like something out of Lord of the Rings!

  5. Cheers to Jim and all the gang! Not to brag but it's colder here! Wish I was there to sit by the fire with Jim.

    1. We passed along your comment to Jim, I think he wishes you were sitting by the fire with him too! You can keep the cold, though. :-)

  6. Enjoyed the ups and downs of the day’s adventures.

    1. It is nice to let people know that we aren't without little problems as we travel along, as well as how we deal with these issues. It is so nice that we have such a well rounded group of people with knowledge of so many different subjects that there is almost always someone that can figure out the problem and come up with a solution.


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