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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

We just made it in time!

The weather forecast said that the front was to move in around noon yesterday, bringing high winds and a chilling drop in temperature to southern Texas.

So we got on the road at 7:45am trying to beat the storm to our destination in Alpine, TX.

Hardly any traffic on the road the whole drive.

Lots of dried up river beds.

Scenery along the way.

I love driving the motorhome!

We only made one stop, in the town of Marathon where we had a break and Ruth made us a tea and a hot chocolate. We had a few showers go through, but the wind still hadn't picked up.

A bit of rain in Marathon, TX.

With only a half hour to go, we got back on the road. Good thing, too! It was pretty obvious that cold front was coming our way!

The storm is moving in!

We made it to Alpine at about 11:15am, and as I was in the office at the Lost Alaskan RV Park the winds started picking up. We just made it in time!

We don't normally do RV parks, but this place is not bad. I negotiated a group rate for us, but it's still pricey at $31.45 USD ($41.60 CAD) per night. Still, the sites are well spread out and the washroom and laundry room are spotlessly clean. And, they have a meeting room that we can use for our group on Friday and Saturday. Considering that a lot of the RV parks in this area are kind of dumpy, this place is pretty good. 

Sherman, in his site at the Lost Alaskan RV Park.

The temperature dropped throughout the afternoon. At one point, we went out for a walk just to stretch our legs and check the place out. As we rounded the corner near the office, we recognized a motorhome that was checking in... it was our friend Garth arriving a few days early!

Our Mexico RV Caravan group have to be here by Friday afternoon, however some will be showing up Wednesday and some on Thursday as well. We didn't expect to see Garth until Friday, so it was a nice surprise. Garth was on last year's trip as well. He keeps a blog at Wandering with Serenity

Yesterday's drive 164 miles (263 kms).

The temperature went down to 25F (-4C) last night. There was not as much precipitation as they had called for, and not quite as windy either. Our little 1500 watt electric heater ran all night and was just barely able to keep up! Today is going to be cool as well with a high of only 46F (8C) but it is supposed to warm up throughout the week.

Today we need to find someone willing to do some minor work on Sherman. It's just general maintenance stuff but I'd really like to get it done before we cross the border. 


And in Canada...


  1. We stayed in the same RV park years ago on our way to Big Bend. We went to the museum there in town at Sul Ross State University and found a gallery dedicated to Dan Blocker aka Hoss Cartwright of Bonanza TV fame.

    1. It is a nice park for us people who aren't really RV Park type people and it is a pretty town too. We will try to get to the museum at the university if time allows for it and we will see if we can find the gallery dedicated to Dan Blocker, I always liked him in Bonanza. :-)

  2. Glad you beat that storm front. From experience I know how it is travelling through them.
    Glad you're Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. We are glad that we beat the storm too! It is definitely not fun driving in a storm with high winds, that is for sure.

  3. Your spot looks nicer than the one last year in Mission, Texas? Haha! Last year, Garth was the last one to show up at the meeting place as he had some mechanical issues to deal with.... now, he’s one of the early birds! Hola Garth!

    1. It is a smaller park than the one we stayed at last year and the scenery is so much nicer too. The downfall is that there are no Walmarts or HEB stores close by for any last minute items. They do have a well stocked grocery store here but the prices are a fair bit higher.

      Garth again has an issue on his rig that he wants to have looked at before we cross the border, and we want to find a place to get our rig checked out as well and a couple of small items fixed. Fingers crossed that we can find someone that can take us.


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