Konyaaltı Beach at Antalya, Turkiye.
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Friday, November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Weather was a bit better yesterday, but it still showered on and off occasionally. Our original plan was to head down to Divisadero for a couple of nights, but because of the rain storm that went through on Wednesday we decided to stay put and let things dry out a bit.

Also, this way we could have our Thanksgiving potluck feast with the group indoors using the conference room here at the lodge.

Our group this year actually has more Americans than Canadians. Not that this really makes any difference because we probably would have celebrated American Thanksgiving even if we only had one American in the group! Anyhow, it gives us a good excuse to get together and celebrate as a group.

It seemed like everyone enjoyed coming up with some good dishes. Ruth and I contributed three pollo rostizados (roast chickens) to make up for not having a turkey!

We walked up to the roast chicken place, but they didn't have them ready. They said to come back in a half an hour. So we bought some groceries and brought them back to the motorhome, then walked back to the chicken place were we waited yet another half hour. The place was busy!

Getting the conference room ready for our dinner.

These pups wanted to come inside.

Sue made a pot of pozole.

The buffet table is ready!


2020 Mexico RV Caravan group!
Happy Thanksgiving!

The sun is actually making an appearance this morning. We are going to let it dry things up until after lunch, then we are going about an hour down the road to Divisadero for a couple of nights of different scenery. Hopefully the wind will die down enough to allow the zip line to operate.

Black Friday deals... too many to pick out one particular item. It seems like almost everything is on sale!

And in Canada...


  1. Ruth, the birthday girl, just barely got her face into the photo! Looks like a contented group.

    1. My birthday was actually the day before Thanksgiving but yes, I only just made it into the picture. :-)

      Yep, they are a very happy group indeed.

  2. Looking good and well fed....I'll send you some sunshine from Seattle. You don't want the 28* temp, I'm sure...

    1. Thank you, we received that sunshine yesterday and we have even more today. You were fast with that, lol! :-)

  3. You can never go wrong with a turkey, or chicken, dinner.

    1. Unless everyone is vegan or vegetarian, lol!


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