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Friday, November 1, 2019

Day trip to Carhuaz for ice cream!

We had been told about a town around 30 kms (18 miles) north of here that is well known for its ice cream. Also, the town of Carhuaz was supposed to have a nice central plaza and we were looking for a kind of a casual day.

So we hopped on a collectivo and paid the 4 soles ($1.60 CAD, $1.20 USD) each for the 45 minute or so ride.

Our driver was a bit crazy though! He was in a race with the other collectivos to see who could get to pick up the next passenger. And when it's your turn to get off, man you better have paid and be ready to move as soon as the door is open. Gotta race to pick up the next passenger! There were times Ruth had to close her eyes. In the meantime, I'm looking at the other passengers and you could tell this was just a regular thing for them. They didn't seem at all worried that we were about to roll over on the next curve!

And sure enough, we survived to tell the story.

We got there at just after 11:00am and walked to the central plaza. The Peruvians love their ice cream, and any "ice" type of product. Here is something we have seen a few times...

This lady is shaving a block of ice by hand. Then, she would put it in a cup with some sweet liquid.
Something like a snow cone!

But, we decided to go for the normal ice cream. Our host here in Huaraz had recommended a place.

We went to Helados Porvenir.

Their sign on the side of the building reads Bienvenidos a Carhuaz - Tierra de los Helados. (Welcome to Carhuaz - Land of the Ice Cream).

I was going to get the rum and raisin, and Ruth was going to get the chocolate mint. But when the guy took the cup and put the chocolate mint in Ruth's, he then asked what I wanted and I said rum and raisin. He proceeded to put a scoop of rum and raisin on top of the chocolate mint! We didn't realize that you get two scoops in a small cup!

So then I decided to have the same thing.

Chocolate mint on the bottom, with rum and raisin on the top.

It was delicious. All home made, of course. Not bad, for 4 soles ($1.60 CAD, $1.20 USD) each!

Nice central plaza.

With a fountain that even works.

The church.

The church has some beautiful big carved wooden doors.

We went for a walk around town.

Some kind of food festival.

We went for a walk up a hill to try to get a view. There were actually a lot of choices we could have made. We weren't really in the mood for a long hike... just somewhere to get a view of the area.

Just because we haven't had enough exercise lately!

Field of cabbage.

Scenery along the way.

More scenery.

Starting to get a view.

Lots of colorful things to see.

Ruth, with a big maguey plant.

Looking down on the town.

Looking to the left.

 And to the right.

We walked back down and around the town market. It was funny because at 6'0", I am the tallest guy in town! The market has these tarps to keep the sun (or rain) off people, but I had to really duck to get through. Even Ruth had to duck. Most people here are no more than 5' tall, and many are less than that.

We walked back to the collectivo terminal and hopped in a van for the ride back. Fortunately, this driver was a lot more relaxed than the other one!

After a late lunch back at the apartment, we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. We were going out at 7:30pm for dinner with Lara and Luca.

Walking downtown, there were crowds of people out on Halloween. I never though Halloween would have been a big deal here, but it really is! Kids all dressed up, carrying little plastic jack o lanterns to carry their goodies in. The main streets and the plaza were so busy!

We had a nice dinner with Lara and Luca and said goodbye to them as they were off on an overnight bus back to Lima. With an invitation to visit them at their home in Switzerland, we are pretty sure that we will see them again someday in our travels.

Another blue sky day today... we are off to do some more exploring!

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And in Canada...


  1. Nice we got to see a bit of the next city. Always love to explore a new city. Also love the bright fav. I decorate my house with bright colors but not bold enough yet to paint the exterior house a vibrant color...that turquoise and brown is beautiful. I love ice cream...especially homemade.

    1. It was nice to go out and visit another small town down the road. We were hoping too do a little more of that but we just ran out of time.

      The ice cream was delicious and oh so smooth. :-)

  2. Years ago we had a bus ride like that in Guatemala -zero to 60 for a block then 60 to zero in two feet. Our kids were terrified. And guys hanging out the doors yelling to the people to get on that bus.

    1. Yes, we remember buses like that in Guatemala as well, and in Colombia. Kevin forgot to mention, that at one point including the driver and the guy hanging out the window trying to draw in passengers and collecting the money, we had a total of 24 people stuffed into that collectivo!

  3. Were you thinking of Roy Watt when you ate the ice cream? He is such a nut for it! At 4 feet 6 inches I really fit in with the Peruvians!

    1. Yes! Every time we see ice cream, we think of Roy!

  4. $1.60 is cheap for homemade ice cream compared to the prices in Ottawa!
    It was pouring rain for Hallowe'en last night. Some communities actually changed it to a different night

    1. Yes, it is very cheap when compared to Ottawa but the people making and selling it are getting paid nearly as much and all the other costs would be lower too.

      We saw that it was raining on Hallowe'en, Lindsey and the kids toughed it out though and still had a good time. You can't have Hallowe'en on another night, it just isn't the same!

  5. Good grief Ruth, it looks like that giant maguey is going to eat you!


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