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Friday, November 8, 2019

We don't seem to have much luck with Texas weather

We knew there was rain in the forecast, but it had said "occasional showers throughout the day". So we weren't in a big rush to leave Tom and Emily's property out in the country where Sherman has been stored since April.

But, we were definitely keeping in mind that when it gets really wet here, the entrance road turns to thick, goopy, mud! That's what happened when we arrived here.

We were just thinking about getting going when he skies opened up! It poured buckets for about 15 minutes... which was enough to make the entrance full of mud.

We sat and pondered our options for a couple of hours while it rained on and off.

It's supposed to be beautiful here Saturday and Sunday. But we really didn't want to stay put until Saturday afternoon at the earliest for things to dry up enough for us to leave.

During a break in the showers, I walked down to the entrance to check things out. I knew that it was stable enough that I could drive down on the grass, staying out of the rutted muddy track. And if I lined myself up with the entrance and took a run at it I was pretty confident that I could get through.

So that's what we did. We drove down and got Sherman lined up... and Ruth walked out onto the highway to let me know when there were no vehicles in sight. She gave me the signal, and Sherman and I plowed through the muck and made it onto the highway!

We weren't going far though. Tom had said we could park over at his parents place where they have a level spot with an electrical connection. We still wanted to get some stuff done to Sherman, although with the rain it's not that easy.

Good thing for the electrical connection though so that we could use our electric heater! Along with the rain, a cold front was moving through and they are only calling for a high of 55F (13C) today after seeing a low of 40F (4C) overnight.

We don't seem to have much luck with Texas weather, although hopefully Saturday and Sunday will make up for that!

My what big horns you have!

Sherman survived the hot Texas summer quite well. His (now nine year old) Trojan T-105 batteries were all low on water as I expected they would be, but I topped them up and cleaned up the connections and they seem fine. There was some dust in the interior, and a couple of minor signs of rodents, but nothing bad. His exterior needs a good scrubbing, but other than that he seems fine.

I do want to get some minor mechanical things done before we cross the border, and we don't have much time. So we're going to do some driving over the next three days to get ourselves closer to where we meet up with the caravan group, and hopefully find a mechanic on Monday or Tuesday.

The rain is supposed to stop around 10:00am, and then we're in for a cool cloudy day, so we will put some miles on.

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  1. Oh wow its nice to see you in the starting gate!! I will be following your journey intently because one day when we get a smaller MH maybe we will get off the carretera de peaje and venture out into the less touristy Mexico like you guys and experience true Mexico. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks Lorne and Sue, we are happy to be back on the road again in Sherman and we are so looking forward to our trip through Mexico this winter. There are going to be some fun adventures ahead.

      You may not be traveling around in Mexico this winter but at least you have taken the first step and have driven down and are getting yourselves adjusted to Mexico and how things work here. We have no doubt that you will love your winter down there just as much as we will enjoy our winter traveling around and showing the members of our group the Mexico that we love. :-)

  2. Garner is a great park. The visitor center is a great example of CCC stonework.

    1. We agree, we love Garner State Park. It is probably one of our favourite state parks in Texas, at least out of the ones that we have been too. Lots of hiking to do and just an all round beautiful park.


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