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Thursday, November 14, 2019

6 Tips for Making Your Road Trip a Success

Are you are setting out on a road trip to get to your destination as quickly as possible, or perhaps embarking on an adventure that’s more about the journey than the final destination? It always pays to plan for success before undertaking a major road trip. This short article provides five tried and true tips designed to enhance your road trip experience.

Capitalize on your stops

Road warriors know that stops are vital to an enjoyable journey. Rather than viewing stops as a necessary evil, take the time to plan out your stops carefully. Even simple pit stops for gas and snacks should be worked into the advance plans for a road trip. This helps travelers avoid mistakes (e.g. running out of gas in the middle of the desert). It also allows road trippers to experience the hidden gems that mark the American landscape. These hidden gems are called “hidden” for a reason… finding them requires advance planning!

Forego the beaten paths

Significant interstate highways are undoubtedly vital for any lengthy road trip. Still, seasoned road trippers know that the best stories and experiences follow from a willingness to take detours onto roads less traveled. Some of America’s most exciting cities can be found by taking a short side trip from major highways like I-70 or I-40 that are well worth the time. For example, a stop in Little Rock on a cross country road trip will reward a road warrior with unique hot springs that are just off the beaten path but well worth the time! You may even find you love it there and one day try to pick up some Little Rock real estate!

Schedule for delays

Major road trips will inevitably feature events that delay one’s itinerary. These might include traffic accidents or the happy discovery of an unexpected attraction that captures the road tripper’s attention. Experienced road warriors know to build extra days and lodging flexibility into the schedule; otherwise, these delays cause the brand of stress that can ruin a road trip experience!

Bring extra car chargers

It is a simple suggestion, but one that a 21st-century road tripper cannot afford to ignore. Phones are capable of amazing things in 2019, but holding a charge is not one of those things! If you plan to use your phone for navigation (a notorious battery drainer), be sure you bring at least one backup car charger for the road ahead. Similarly, if you plan to use an “old school” GPS system, secure a backup charging system before hitting the road!

Choose your travel companions wisely

There’s nothing better than a long car trip with loved ones and close friends. Relationships often blossom in the conversations and karaoke that occur during long stretches of highway driving. On the flip side, however, road trips can also exacerbate frayed relationships! Experienced road warriors know that the open road either deepens or destroys friendships. Before you embark on a cross country journey, take the time to evaluate whether you and your chosen companions are ready for it! If you don’t have a choice of traveling companions, do a bit of research on how to handle difficult road trip partners!