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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Copper Canyon Train - day 2

We were all up early because our ride to the train station in El Fuerte was picking us up at 7:30am so we would be there for the 8:15am departure for the return trip to Creel.

It had rained a fair bit overnight, and it was still spitting on and off. Not the best weather for a scenic train ride, but it turned out that the pictures were a little bit dramatic with the clouds as our altitude rose.

(This is the second blog post today... you can read the first one here.)

There were quite a few people waiting in the covered area of the train station.

Busy waiting area.

It was busy, but most of these people arrived on tour buses, so we correctly figured they would be heading to the first class section.

The train arrived a few minutes late. We had no trouble heading to the 2nd class section and the porter in that area asked a few people to move so that we could all sit together as a group. Once again, we paid the 796 peso cash fare from El Fuerte to Creel.

It's tough to get breakfast for the ride back. Several people bought snacks at the Oxxo store near the hotel, but we were thinking there might be someone making gorditas or tacos at the station. There wasn't. But once on the train, you can buy a freshly made mystery meat burrito in the snack car. 

About to go over a bridge.

View from the bridge.

Bob, Owenita, Aron, Denise.
Watching the world go by.

Scenery along the way.

Looking down.

There had been quite a bit of rain and there were lots of waterfalls.

Looking down. 

This tree had a very shiny golden bark.

I love this shot.

There is a lot more water flowing in the river.

Clouds in the mountains.

The train stopped here to let one person off.

There are shrines all over Mexico.

The train was late arriving in Creel. We had one stop where we had to wait for almost an hour for another train coming down the opposite way. 

I had sent Ruth a note saying we were going to be late, and she did get the message. We got to Creel, and she and Garth and Scarlett the dog met us at a restaurant and we all had dinner together.

Then, back at the campground, we celebrated another birthday!

Owenita (in blue jacket) and her birthday cake.
Ruth had made a black forest cake while we were away.

Here are a few of photos that Ruth took when she and Garth went exploring while we were gone.

Hand made nativity scenes in the Tarahumara Artisan Co-op.

The gordita lady!

Garth, enjoying his gordita!

We've got a weird weather system moving through on Wednesday... we are hunkered down to wait it out. Update tomorrow!


And in Canada...

Record low price on the echo dot.


  1. The seats in the "Choo-choo look pretty darn comfy.....

  2. I have to "goog" all the food items you show...What Garth got doesn't look like what I saw..
    The google picture shows a pastry similar to a Hompow... (sp)..I hope you know what I'm trying to say..Oh Well..
    Snowing up here and 25*....You happy travelers...

    1. A gordita is just a thick corn tortilla that is cut open like pita bread and then stuffed with a filling of your choice. Not sure what a Hompow is?

      We don't particularly like the sound of your weather, I think we will stick with the rain, at least it isn't snow and it isn't really cold either.

  3. The pictures are fog so you could see. Pouring rain here in Mazatlan but..not col!

    1. No, there wasn't any thick fog just some low lying clouds which sort of added a little drama to the pictures.

      The rain let up today thank goodness, like Mazatlan, we sure had our fair share of it. Looking forward to the projected forecast of sunshine for this weekend. :-)

  4. Our site is under water ( ankle deep ) as is most of RV 1 here and it is still pouring.

    1. Yep, sounds like what we were having here as well. If you didn't have boots higher than running shoes you were getting a soaker. Luckily the rain let up today and we even saw a little bit of sun once in a while. Hopefully this weekend will be back to sunshine.

  5. Congratulations and thank you for the beautiful pictures during this train ride! Fabulous scenery!

    1. You are welcome, we are so glad that you enjoyed the photos and the scenery that Kevin and the group saw from their train ride.


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