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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

On our way to our motorhome!

We are here at Ottawa International Airport waiting for our flight to Philadelphia.

Our flight is at 6:00am and they tell you to be here three hours before an international flight. And we got here at just after 3:00am. There was nobody at the American Airlines check-in counter, but that's fine... we used the self serve terminal.

They have "pre-clearance" at this airport. So when you have a flight direct to the United States, you actually go through customs and immigration at this airport prior to boarding your plane. So when we arrive in Philadelphia, we don't have to go through it there.

But the security doesn't open until 4:00am, and then the pre-clearance section here doesn't open until 4:30am.

So we actually didn't need to be here until two hours before our flight. We could have slept another hour!

Oh well... better to be here too early than too late.

We have a one and a half hour flight to Philadelphia, then a three hour wait for our 11:00am flight from Philadelphia to Austin, Texas.  Scheduled to arrive at 2:21pm local time this afternoon.

Our friend Tom is supposed to pick us up at Austin airport, but instead of bringing us right to Sherman (our motorhome) we will spend the night at his place and go to Sherman first thing tomorrow morning. Then, he has offered us the option to park at his family's property where we will have access to electricity and water to get Sherman ready to hit the road. Pretty sure we will take them up on that! Such nice people we meet all over the world.

Sadie got a sweater from Peru, and Lindsey and Cameron each got a hat!

We had a short but sweet visit with family during our day and a half in Ottawa. Got to see everybody but my older sister, and we only missed her by 15 minutes. Oh well... we should be back in April, although again it might be a short visit then. We don't yet know our plans for six months from now.

Next blog post coming to you from Austin, TX where the high temperature is supposed to be a balmy 81F (27C)!

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  1. Love the gifts of sweater and hats. I'm on pins and needles waiting for you to reunite with Sherman. I've read mice and other critters getting into RVs and trucks when they are stored an extended time. Hope that isn't the case. Safe travels.

    1. Thank you Rita, we know that Lindsey and the kids all loved their gifts. :-)

      Looks like we have been very lucky with Sherman, it doesn't look like any mice or rodents had a go at him. Other than being a bit dirty and dusty, he looks like he survived just fine.

  2. We have been following you daily and you last week must have seemed a blur for you two world travels. Hopefully you can gear down for a week or so when you get to Austin. We hit a bump in our travels this winter as I will require a Triple Bypass in Jan but we expect to be back on the road next winter. Looking forward to your MX trip. Safe Travels

    1. Yes, this last week has seemed like a bit of a blur. We have definitely been on the move. We are looking forward to slowing down once again but even then we are still going to be fairly busy, getting Sherman ready for our winter in Mexico and with meeting up with those that will be traveling with us this winter.

      Sorry that you have had this set back to your travels but then again it is better to have it done now than to have a problem while you are traveling. Best of luck, I am sure everything will go smoothly for you and that you will be back on the road for next winter.

  3. Happy days are awaiting with Sherman back on the road to Mexico! Safe travels. It will be another exciting chapter to read about your winter sojourn. Please say hello to Denise and Bob, Sue and Roy and Garth. I foresee a joyful reunion!

    1. We are so happy to be back with Sherman, even though we totally enjoyed all our travels this past summer and fall but it is still nice to feel like you are back home again.

      We are so looking forward to our travels in Mexico this winter, it is going to be another great adventure. We will certainly pass along your greetings to them all. :-)

  4. Replies
    1. We hope you will enjoy following along on our adventures. :-)


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