Out for a walk beside the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Sherman is raring to go now!

One of the reasons we arrived in Alpine, Texas a little ahead of schedule was to try to get some minor maintenance done on Sherman. We had a bit of a tough time finding someone willing to do the work. They were all either too busy or they couldn't fit Sherman inside their shop.

On Wednesday, I rode my bike over to BAM Complete Auto Care. I explained to the guy what I needed done, and he said "if you show up at 8:15am and can leave it with me, I will get it all done that day".

So at 8:15am Thursday morning, we arrived at BAM.

Sherman, having some work done.

We sat in the motorhome and had another morning hot drink and did some computer work while we waited for Sherman's turn. 

It was just after 11:00am when the mechanic came over and told us to drive Sherman up to the bay door.

I went over my list with him. Repack the front wheel bearings. Do a chassis grease job. Check the front end and especially the ball joints. Check the timing. Check and tighten the belts. Replace the Rad Overflow Bottle. Change the differential fluid.

He got started right away, and we moved ourselves to the waiting room so we wouldn't be in his way. But then at 12:00 noon he takes a one hour break for lunch so went and had lunch back in the motorhome!

We went out for a walk at one point, but we were only gone for about 45 minutes because there wasn't much to see without actually walking right back into town.

We actually should have gone for a bike ride. Notice in the photo above that it's nice and sunny... but there was still a bit of a chilly wind. 

He had a few old cars lying around the yard. 

This one was especially interesting!

1956 (?) Cadillac Hearse.
Looked like something out of The Munsters!

We went back into the waiting room. It was 4:30pm or so when everything was ready.

The total bill? 

$388 USD ($513 CAD).

Not bad. Fair prices, and the guy who owned the shop was friendly and helpful. No problem recommending BAM Auto Repair in Alpine, TX.

We then filled up Sherman's fuel tank in preparation for Sunday's drive across the border.

We returned back to the Lost Alaskan RV Park to join happy hour that was already underway. Most of our Mexico RV Caravan group have arrived but we are still waiting for two more couples who will show up today.

Tomorrow, you will get to meet this year's group! What an adventure they are in for!

Nice price drop on Glad Kitchen Trash Bags. Time to stock up!

And in Canada...


  1. Funny you should be getting all of that done, my motorhome is getting that done in spring as well! (I think they are around the same age!) Hope you have no issues mechanically on the trip! Can't wait to see how the caravan goes this year.

    1. Yes, I think they are around the same age. It is definitely a good thing to get these things checked every year, especially when it has been sitting for a while. You never know what might get into hoses or what stuff might get chewed on, or that the weather can damage over time.

      Looks like Sherman is good to go, and he can't wait to hit the road and start a new adventure. :-)

  2. It always seems difficult to find someone, that knows what they are doing, to work on an RV:(

    1. So very true, and you also have to add in the ones that are too busy and there is a long waiting time!

  3. Where in Sherman is the "deferential" where you had the fluid changed? :)
    Minor typo, but kind of funny.
    showing deference; respectful.

    1. Bah... that was Ruth. Yes... correct that to "differential"!

  4. Just for kicks, I wonder what that would have cost in Canada and Mexico? I tried to buy a 62 Cadillac hearse when I was a senior in high school. Dad said if I brought it home I could live in it because I wouldn't be living in his house. Needless to say, I didn't buy the hearse. If I had, I would be a vandweller today!

    1. I would expect with the exchange rate the bill in Canada would probably have been similar or possibly a little more. As for Mexico, I would expect it to be a lot cheaper but had we needed parts, such as the coolant reservoir it might have been a little more difficult to get in a timely manner.

      When I saw that hearse I immediately thought about what a cool vehicle that would have made for a being a "car camper" or "vandweller"! :-)

  5. My '88 Winnebago got the same service last month..Lucy even got new plugs and wires!..and yes her differential has new juice also..
    Keep your rigs in good shape and they keep on "truck'n"..
    Safe travels..

    1. Sherman got the new spark plugs and wires a year ago, so he is still doing well in that department.

      Looks like you look after Lucy well, just like us with Sherman and if we just keep up with all this regular maintenance then hopefully we can keep them happy and healthy for years to come. :-)


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