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Thursday, November 14, 2019

What did it cost for our last minute 20 day trip to Peru?

Note, the following prices are in Canadian dollars...

Flight tickets on Air Canada Rouge were $659 return per person. Not a screaming deal, but not bad either considering it was from Ottawa. So we spent $1,318 on airfare.

We flew into Lima and stayed there a couple of days before taking the first class bus to Huaraz. The return trip cost $90 per person, so we spent $180 on transportation in Peru.

Accommodation was more than we would usually spend, but that was a choice we made because we really liked the place in Huaraz. Total for 19 nights came to $681. Average of $36 per night.

We also spent $55 on various forms of transportation while in Peru... taxis, collectivos, and Uber.

We spent $14 on a SIM card with enough data available to last almost three weeks.

$26 on miscellaneous items... using public bathrooms, repairing my Tilley shirt, a couple of postcards and souvenirs for the grandkids.

Hiking in Peru.

We did a few day tours, mostly to go hiking in the mountains. Total cost was $130.

We ate out quite a bit... food and drink came to a total of $200.

We spent $148 on groceries.

And $71 on alcohol while we were there.

For a grand total of  $2,823 CAD ($2,130 USD) for the whole trip. $1,412 per person. Not bad!

Record low price on this handy Bosch Cordless Drill. This is the drill I carry in the motorhome. Just used it yesterday. Great price.

And in Canada...


  1. That’s great value for such a good spontaneous trip. We figure anything less than $100 AUD per day is good value and you sure beat that. Goes to show the simple things in life aren’t expensive.

    1. We think so too! Having said that we did splurge a little with the apartment that we got in Huaraz, I am sure that we could have spent less if we had stayed in a hostel but it was nice to just have our own place and on a nice quiet street. If you take away the airfare then, yes we spent less than $100 AUD a day for the two of us. It also goes to show that if you do things carefully and frugally, traveling can be cheaper that living in your own home. :-)

  2. Really great value, plus you even splurged here and there :)

    1. Considering that price includes the airfare we think we did pretty good too. Yes, we splurged a bit and we really enjoyed that apartment. :-)

  3. That’s like €100 a day. That good value with flights and travel. The accommodation looked nice in both places but I’m sure you are glad to be back in Sherman. Our Motorhome is up for sale as both beds you have to climb steps and need one with 2 single beds lower down. If we don’t sell we have a year or two before we really need to change.

    1. Yep, it is actually just a little under €100 per person per day, including the airfare. :-)

      Yes, we enjoyed the accommodation in both places but we have to admit the apartment was really nice, a little too big for us but it was nice to have a well set up kitchen considering that I cooked most of our dinner time meals and our breakfasts. We have missed Sherman though and are really happy to be back in him and hitting the road once again. :-)

      Is your unit left or righthand drive? We have no idea what we are doing next summer but it is possible that we may just buy a unit over in Europe and travel around. :-)

  4. The airfares just don't seem to be out there anymore. I did see a fare for San Antonio to San Diego the week before Christmas for $56 r/t. Flying inside Mexico is very reasonable but to and from the U.S. is very expensive.

    1. Not true, Kevin finds some fantastic deals. He saw one just the other day that was $279 CAD from Montreal, Canada to Mexico City return, and another one from Ottawa, Canada to Guayaquil, Ecuador for $269 CAD return. You just have know how and where to look for them and check for them each and every day. Because we haven't needed a flight out of Mexico, Kevin hasn't been checking those prices so we can't speak for that.

  5. Ruth,
    What method does Kevin use to find good deals on flights?
    Thank you

    1. He has several sites that he checks on a regular basis so that he can get an idea of what the "normal" base price is and then when he gets an alert come up to a price drop/sale on a flight then he knows if it is a good one or not. For us as Canadians the sites might be totally different than what is out there for Americans or Europeans.

      Here is a blog post that he wrote about it. I hope that helps you. :-)


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