Coastline at Antalya, Turkiye.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Paris, France on May 1st.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Back in the motorhome, and that's enough flying for this year!

It might be a couple of days before we get back into our regular routine here, so just bear with us regarding the oddly timed blog posts please.

On Tuesday, we made our way from Ottawa, Ontario to Austin, Texas. There are no direct flights that do that route, so we first had to fly from Ottawa to Philadelphia. We have never been to Philadelphia airport before (and in fact, we have never been to the city itself) so it was a new experience.

The plane was a small jet. And boy, was it ever nimble. Almost seemed like the pilot was having some fun at times... although we also thought that maybe he just didn't know what he was doing!

Waiting for our luggage after riding in the small jet.

We had a two and a half hour wait in Philadelphia airport. It's really modern though, and lots of places to rest with plug ins for your electronic devices. Time went by quickly, and before you knew it we were boarding our plane for Austin, TX.

A little disappointed that once again we were not able to take advantage of our airport lounge passes. It's really hit or miss.... some airports have nice lounges that are available through the Priority Pass program, and some don't. We just haven't been lucky in hitting the ones that do!

That was our 21st flight this year! And that's enough for now! We love flying (because it means we are going somewhere!), but we have to admit we are done for this year.

21 flights and 16 different airports this year!

Tom came and picked us up at Austin airport. He's a regular blog reader who volunteered to help us out with storing Sherman for the summer. He said it was his way to pay us back for the enjoyment of reading the blog. Thanks Tom! He and his wife Emily are also avid travelers and so we had a lot in common in that regard.

We stayed at his place Tuesday night just because it was more convenient than arriving at the motorhome a few hours before sunset and trying to get everything organized before dark. They have a big HEB store near them, and we borrowed Emily's car to go do a big $175 USD ($230 CAD) grocery shop first thing this morning. Of course Sherman's cupboards and fridge were empty!

Our spot for tonight.

Sherman survived the long hot summer. Every time we checked the temperature around this area, it was like 105F... we figured Sherman would melt!

Overall, he did fine. Our battery booster pack that was stored above the windshield is done... the lithium battery is expanded and looks about to explode... it's going in the trash. There were a few indications of rodents, and yet everything seems fine except for one bin that had sunflower seeds and quinoa in it, but we can't figure out how anything got into it, and yet something did. Very strange.

Ruth cleaned the cupboards and shelves while I topped up the tires and checked the fluid levels and reinstalled that bicycles on the rear rack. I also got the fridge fired up, but I can tell already that I will have to clean the burner again in the morning. For now, we put it on electric for overnight to cool things down.

Tom says he fired up Sherman a few days ago, so we're pretty sure he'll do the same for us tomorrow when we head out of here.

At dusk, a few deer out and about.

We have to get a few mechanical things checked out, but all in all things look pretty good. We'll be heading west over the next week to meet up with the rest of this year's Mexico RV Caravan Group... it's going to be an exciting trip!


And in Canada...


  1. Singing your song- On the road again..Happy Travels

    1. Lol, yep we are definitely looking forward to being on the road again! :-)

  2. Sue Watt is looking forward to trying out the dip packets that were shipped to the meeting place from a friend of mine. They are All Natural Dips from South Carolina. I really enjoy the blog, and especially the care you give to your group (Roy, especially with ice cream!)

    1. Mmmm, that sounds good. We can't wait to try them out! :-)

      We are so glad that you are enjoying our blog and you have a bit of an invested interest in it because of Sue and Roy. We look forward to showing him some new ice cream places for him and if we can't find any then I am sure we can find him some beer, lol!


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