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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Exploring Creel

A bunch of us set off around 10:00am for a hike in the hills that overlook Creel. Roger and Larry decided they wanted to go for a bike ride instead, and Sue, Roy and Garth stayed behind to watch the motorhomes.

Temperature was about 16C (61F) but it still gets a little chilly overnight down to about 2C (36F). We have 30 amp electric here though, so it's nice to be able to use our little electric heater through the night.

It was great weather for a hike though.

Looking back at the RV Park.

We walked by the local cemetery.

And soon we had a view from the hills. 

Scarlett was enjoying the views too!

So was Ruth!

Lots of interesting rock formations.

Mona, Denise, Bob, Martha, Ruth, Aron, Owenita, Jim.

Another view overlooking town.

Mona and Roger have bicycles with them, and Roger had said he was going out for a bike ride. But when we got back from the hike, Mona's bike was gone as well! It was a safe assumption that Roger had left Mona's bike sitting unlocked and that it had disappeared! Fortunately, Larry had also gone bike riding with Roger and he had been riding Mona's bike. All's well that ends well.

We had happy hour in the cut grass in front of their rig. They had bought a bean bag toss game and set it up. I took one practice throw and one of the stray dogs grabbed the bean bag as it hit the ground and started playing with it! Too funny.

I guess we'll save that game for when there aren't as many canine friends around.

Tomorrow (Monday) we are off on the Copper Canyon Train!


And in Canada...


  1. You've got 4-6 inches of rain headed your way, stay safe!

    1. Yes, I think tomorrow is supposed to be the worst day for rain so I believe we are just going to stay put here in Creel and enjoy a rainy day either in our motorhomes or in the lounge area of the main building. I think it will be a games day!

  2. Really!!! You have to leave someone to guard the MH's. We have been to Creel twice any never even thought about someone breaking in to our MH. Keep safe

    1. No, we don't really have to leave anyone to guard the motorhomes! They just didn't want to come on the hike and Garth needed to figure out a problem that he was having with his motorhome. However, we are sometimes a little leery because lots of people are walking through the field and we already had one young boy in amongst two of the motorhomes looking carefully at stuff. We just make sure that anything of value is put away or locked up. No one has had anything go missing and we aren't worried about going out and leaving the motorhomes unattended.

  3. Very glad the bike didn't grow legs and walk away! Someone at the next site had a nice bike stolen from an RV park in Florida in just a very short few minutes when he and his wife went to the grocery store. They were near the edge of the park, and someone hopped over the fence from outside, grabbed the bike, and took off. We didn't see a thing! They said it was the only time they've ever left them unlocked, and they weren't facing the road for easy viewing. Felt bad for them, but we never, ever left ours unlocked outside even for a minute. Just not worth it!

    1. We have found that if you give people an opportunity then someone will take it, that is why we mentioned to the group in our welcome meeting back in Texas to never leave anything outside or in view because it just makes it an easy target to take, unless you are willing to lose it. And, we do this anywhere we travel not just in Mexico.


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