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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Another great day of fresh air and exercise

We woke up Friday morning to clear blue sky, and the sun made it's way over the mountain by 7:15am or so. The forecast was for a beautiful day with a high of about 15C (60F) and that's exactly what happened. We took advantage of it by heading off to do a hike at 9:00am.

The main building here at Rancho San Lorenzo was built to be part of a movie set. Not sure what year, but Fernando told us it was a French Western called Blueberry. Fernando said that it was built in three months, mostly by two guys!

I mention that now because we came across more of the movie set when we were out on our hike today. Several rocks that were not really rocks... made out of foam! And a cave that was made up to look like someone was living in it at some point. Interesting stuff here in the middle of nowhere. Really fantastic scenery though.

Rancho San Lorenzo.
GPS 28.16555, -108.200719

Sherman likes it here.
Notice the clear blue sky!

Everybody raring to go for a hike.

We found the old movie set.
This rock is actually made of foam!

Ruth in the cave house.

It was a nice hiking trail.

Made it to a bit of a view.

We continued on, but the map and the signs didn't seem to give the same information! There used to be another path that led to another very high waterfall, but apparently there was a rock slide a couple of years ago and Fernando said it isn't safe. Still, we did manage a bit of a view.

Aron, holding up a big rock so that Ruth can get through!

We had told Sue and Roy that we would be back around 11:00am to take them to the top of the falls via the road. We were only five minutes late coming back, and then Sue, Roy, Garth, and Martha hopped in to Sue and Roy's class B and I did the driving to get them over there.

It was about a 1 km walk to the top of the falls.

Roy and Sue heading across the metal suspension bridge.

Looking 800' down!

Garth, taking a photo at the edge.

Walked back to the parking area where there was a small restaurant that did tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. Not the best we've ever had, but it was good enough for lunch.

I had cheese enchiladas and beans.
Not bad, but not great.

Roy sure enjoyed his dessert though!

Back at Rancho San Lorenzo for happy hour. Friday was Aron and Owenita's 33rd wedding anniversary so we threw them a little fiesta!

Aron and Owenita's anniversary party!

Today (Saturday), we are moving on to the town of Creel.

Record low price on the popular Fire TV Stick.

And in Canada...

Decent deal on a 15" Acer Aspire Laptop.


  1. I'll bet the movie was Renegade released in 2004. It was a western set in 1870. Here's its listing at IMDB:

    The main Character is (Mike) Blueberry and that was the name of the film as it was originally released. Wikipedia explains the name change:

    It was indeed made by a French film company,as Fernando told you, with an international cast & IMDB cites Chihuahua as one of the shooting locations.

    It's a spectacular location for a film, that's for sure. The movie didn't get great reviews when it came out, though it's become somewhat of a cult favorite according to Wiki.

    It'd still be fun for yall to watch if you could spot places on your hike - you can catch it if you have Amazon Prime!

    1. Yes, we are pretty sure that is the movie. Kevin said he will download it but at the moment we are on cellular so it will have to wait until we have some free wifi. We are really looking forward to watching it, just to see the some of the film locations. Some of it was also filmed at Sierra de Órganos NP, near Zacatecas where we were back at the end of March 2018.

  2. It was Renegade. Movies change names depending on the language. It happens all the time here in Mexico.

    Looks like everyone is having a good time and the weather is on your side. Wish we were there!

    1. I think Kevin read that it was changed to Renegade when they found the movie wasn't doing so well under the name Blueberrym not because of the different languages.

      Everyone is having a fantastic time, unfortunately I think our good weather is about to change starting today or tomorrow. It definitely isn't sounding pretty wet for most of the week. :-(

      We wish you guys were here too but it looks like you are both having a wonderful time in San Miguel.


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