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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wandering around Alpine, Texas.

The Lost Alaskan RV Park is located 1.5 miles (2.4 kms) north of the center of town. The temperature was still below freezing when we set out on a walk to see some of the town.

We were also still looking for a mechanic to do some minor work to Sherman, but we were not having any luck. I had made some phone calls, and so had Garth because he was looking to have some work done as well on his rig.

Everybody says they are either too busy or they can't fit us in their shop. We stopped into the Napa Auto Parts to ask if they could recommend anyone, and he gave us a name to check out this morning.

Ruth, reading the historical signs. 

There are several nice murals in town.

The old hotel doesn't look like anything special.

But the lobby is worth a visit!

Murphy Street is the artsy fartsy district.

Ruth with some local musicians.

We went into the liquor store and bought a couple of bottles. Then the grocery store. There are actually two grocery stores in town, both with the same name and not very far from each other. The town has a population of around 6,000 people so it's kind of surprising that it doesn't have a small Walmart. The grocery store is well stocked, but it's a bit pricey.

Lots of "vintage" shops and old bookstores. Not many people around, so we can't quite figure how these little shops stay in business. Maybe it's a busier place on the weekends.

Nice little town though. We ended up walking 8 kms (5 miles). Gotta keep moving to stay warm in these temperatures! It never did get much above freezing yesterday. By 4:00pm there were still a couple of icicles hanging from Sherman's bumper!

At happy hour we got together with Garth and played a couple of games of Qwirkle.

Having a game of Qwirkle.

Today is supposed to be a little warmer. It's 43F (6C) out there already and they are calling for a high of 55F (13C). That's a little better!


And in Canada...


  1. Ottawa had a record breaking low temp. yesterday and record snowfall for the day!

    1. We saw that, looks like we left Ottawa just in time. :-)

  2. I don't like seeing Ruth with a winter coat on!! Brrrrr. Hope you find a mechanic.

    1. That wasn't my winter coat thankfully, just my rain/wind jacket but I had an warm sweater underneath that too. The temperature should be better today, at least we aren't melting away like you guys, lol!

      We are booked into a shop for this morning, so our fingers are crossed that everything will check out fine. :-)

  3. Seems like a cute little town. Our mechanic brushed us off when we took our truck to him because it wouldn't turn over to start. The engine light said 'no bus.' He said it starts every time. On the drive home, I stopped at a store and truck wouldn't start again. So, towed the truck to an auto electric shop a mile down the road from where I was stuck. The computer was dead..gone and mechanic said they don't make computers for 2002 dodge Dakota anymore. Called dealer from where I bought the truck and they gave me an after market place they do business with for parts. Called the after market place and they over night the part direct to auto electric shop. Picked up the truck yesterday and she runs good and even the alarm system works. Wow! The computer slowly went out with several dash board light warnings but mechanic either too lazy to investigate or inexperience to check. Anyway got the work done and I'm happy.

    1. P.S. we also researched Google and found several things could be the problem including computer board. We had an idea what could be wrong so took truck to auto electric instead of regular mechanic.

    2. It is a pretty little town. We look forward to checking it out more when the sun comes out and the temperatures warm up a bit more.

      Glad that you got your truck problem fixed up and that you are good to go once again.

  4. Sounds like the Lost Alaskan brought Alaska temperatures with him!

    1. Lol, it would sure look that way. Hopefully these cold temperatures wouldn't last long. :-)


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