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Saturday, November 23, 2019

First view of Basaseachi Falls.... and battery problems!

The heavy overnight rain eventually tapered off and the sun peeked through at times on Wednesday. When 10:00am rolled around, it was a looking good enough to do the walk up to the viewing area of the falls and the surrounding canyon. It's only about a 1 km (0.6 miles) walk uphill to the parking area, then there are trails leading to three different viewing platforms.

We are in a beautiful remote mountainous area and our internet has varied from poor to non existant. So I won't be able to add photos to this blog post until we move to Creel, probably on Saturday.

(Edit: I have now added photos to the last blog post. You can read it here...

We all walked up to the top, and most of us also walked the trails to the other viewpoints. It was cool and windy up there though, and Sue and Roy were chilly and headed back down before the rest of us. They'll have another opportunity to see more of the views today.

Our first view of the falls!

At one of the viewing platforms.
Garth, Roger, Ruth, Owenita, Aron.

The canyon down below. 

A smaller waterfall way off in the distance.

Another view.
What an absolutely gorgeous area!

Larry and Martha have been having problems with their fancy new lithium battery system. We have a varied group of people here and of course all with different professional backgrounds in their previous lives. Roger is an electrical engineer, so he's been a great help trying to solve the problem. At first, we thought there were some bad cells and they need some kind of special charger to bring them back to life, but there is more to the problem. They decided the best bet was to buy a couple of standard wet cell batteries and an inexpensive charge controller.

Here at the Rancho San Lorenzo, our host Fernando has been using batteries and solar panels to power the cabins for years.

He was on his way to Chihuahua yesterday and said he would stop in Cuauhtemoc to buy the batteries and charge controller and put them on a bus back to the nearby town here. So Larry gave him some cash, and off he went. Super nice guy.

Fernando owns the ranch.

Fernando's right hand man Alonso would then drive us into town at 8:00pm in the evening when the bus came through to pick up the stuff.

There's always a way to make things work in Mexico!

After lunch, several people took bikes out and found other hiking trails. I hadn't slept well the night before with all the rain, so I had a nap!

We had another good happy hour by the wood stove, but you could tell the temperature was going to get a little colder. Clear night sky with lots of stars!

Alonso came by to say we had to leave at 7:30, not 8:00pm. I didn't question why, but assumed that it was to be there to meet the bus. Larry was going to go as well, so he said I didn't have to. Then it was time to go, but we had a communication problem. We thought Alonso was going to drive us, and Alonso thought we were going to drive one of the motorhomes... turns out he only had an ATV! Ended up that Alonso went on his own and brought the batteries back.

Stay tuned... the next day we hiked to the bottom of the falls!

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  1. The waterfall looks like it could be in Yosemite. Awesome!!!

    1. Yes, it does except that Yosemite is even higher still!

  2. We are following closely the saga of lithium batteries. Many RVers are switching to these as the light weight, fast charging, high power alternative to lead acid. At close to $1000US per battery this failure is of great interest.

    1. I am sure that if they had been in the US when this happened it would have been a much easier problem to solve but being in the middle of nowhere Mexico and needing to have power, going to the old style deep cycle batteries was the easiest solution.

  3. The cost of Lithium Batteries, Special Charge Controller and Inverter was what had us go with AGMs. They are safer then standard Deep Cycle Batteries by not emitting dangerous Hydrogen Gases. The size of AGM compared to Lithium is much smaller so that compensates for the weight.
    Hope Larry and Martha get there system up and running so you can all enjoy the rest of the trip.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. It looks like their system is now running well with the old style deep cycle batteries and these batteries will get them through the reminder of the trip and back up to the States where they can get the lithium working properly again.


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