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Sunday, December 1, 2019

How many times can you say "Wow"!?

We used that word a lot yesterday. "Wow"! Not only did we use it, we heard it from the rest of the group too!

Five years ago, Ruth and I did the world's longest zipline here at the Copper Canyon. We've got a pretty adventurous group with us, so we figured some of them might want to try it too! Turns out that eight of our group of fourteen signed their life away and took the plunge!

Watching sunrise over the canyon at 6:45am...


Nice view of sunrise out the front window.

We set off towards the adventure park at about 9:30am. We took a hiking route that follows the rim of the canyon.

Roy and Roger on one of the overlook platforms.

Yep, that's our group!

Looking back at where the motorhomes are parked.

Roger and the view.

What a place to live!

Someone lives right on that curved ridge!

What a view they wake up to!

Laundry drying.

We got to the adventure park where we watched a couple of other people do the big zipline. 

It's not the longest in the world anymore... apparently there is a longer one now in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. But 2nd longest is still good!

As people were making up their minds if they wanted to do it, we went inside the overlook building where they have a see through floor to the canyon below.

Ruth and Sue dancing on the see through floor.

Looking down.

Enjoying the view.

Ready for our adventure!

The time has come!

Eight of us paid 1,000 pesos ($68 CAD, $52 USD) for the nearly 3 minute long adventure that reaches speeds of 105 km/h (65 mph)! (Thanks for the Christmas money Mom!)

I wanted to go first so that I could take photos of the rest of the group coming into the landing area.

And I'm off!
Thanks for the photo Sue!

And looking back at where I started.

I took some video on the way down, and I will try to upload it when we get to free wifi.

At the bottom, I sped into the automatic braking system for a safe landing and the girl at the bottom helped me off the cable. She had already radioed to the top and Ruth was already on her way down behind me.

Here she comes!

But towards the platform she was slowing down quite a bit and about 30 feet from the end she came to a complete stop! The girl said to swing your feet, and that inched her ahead bit by bit. Eventually, the girl held out a pole for Ruth to grab onto. Apparently this happens regularly. We think it depends on the winds on the way down.

I took a video for you...

Too funny!

Here comes Mona!

But Mona had to get rescued as well.
The girl comes onto the line herself and pulls you back in holding onto her legs.

Denise made it right onto the platform!

And so did Bob. 
Look Ma, no hands!

Jim having fun!

But Jim had to get rescued too!

Aron, concentrating on making a video of his ride down.

And Roger. Two thumbs up!

What a fantastic time. Well worth the 1,000 pesos!

Then, we had to hike about 700 meters up to the teleferico platform for the ride back up.

There's our ride!

Hiking back up.


Outhouse with a view!

The Grand Canyon may be grand, but the Copper Canyon is grander!

You can see Roger giving me a wave.

While we were doing the zipline, the rest of our group who didn't do the zipline had taken the teleferico (gondola) to the lower platform to meet us.

Martha and Larry.

Here comes Sue and Roy and Garth.

Little Tarahumara girl.






On the ride back up.

We stopped for delicious gordidas for lunch.


Kevin Ruth, Garth, and Hilo.
We had another campfire and our security guard Hilo joined us.

What a great day!

And there is more coming! Today, we have hired a guide to take us on a 10 km (6 mile) panoramic hike in the canyon to the lower platform where the teleferico will take us back to the top.


And in Canada...


  1. Following you again this year. What an awesome trip so far. Especially love the RV's parked right on the edge.

    1. Thank you for following along, we are glad that you are enjoying the posts and pictures of our trip.

      We love that boondocking spot! :-)

  2. Wow again. Love this trip. I love where you parked, love wild camping in the Alps in France, over looking lakes and mountains.

    1. We are glad that you are enjoying our adventures on this trip. We loved that spot too, the view was gorgeous to wake up to. :-)

  3. Years ago the guy living on that curved rock outcropping use to have a check in book for people like me who were hiking down into the canyon. He also used to sell cokes for a peso as a treat to the hikers... but again that was many years ago.

    1. I wonder if that same guy still lives there or maybe even one of his children and if they do the same thing? We did go for a great hike into to the canyon but the trail didn't take us to that house. Maybe another year we will head in that direction. :-)

  4. Great adventure. Aren't they doing the series of zip lines anymore? We had 7 of them 4 years ago. So glad the wind let up so you could do this. Thanks again for your blog.

    1. Yes, they are still doing the series of seven zip lines and two big swinging bridges but we had enough on our plate already and we could still have used more time there. Maybe next time we will do that instead.

      We are so happy that we waited out the wind and rain in Creel an extra two days so that we could have perfect weather for the big zip line and the gondola as well, it was so worth it. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Elaine, she was such a little cutie with a big smile, not in this picture but either just before this was taken or just after.

  6. Security Guard? Did you have to hire him for safety? I am loving following your trip again this year and am so envious that I have 4 more years before starting my adventures. A friends company makes this glass your standing on. I have a name plate he made me from it and I rub it like a genie hoping it will transport me to these amazing places where it has been installed...Truly amazing pictures and I am poking my friends that this must be added to our bucket list! Thanks so much for such inspiring pictures and commentary..

    1. No we did not have to hire him, he was security for the park itself which just happen to include us because we were on park property. We were not once worried about "safety" there. During the day our units were totally left alone while we were out exploring, and there were always people in the area but nothing was ever disturbed.

      Well it is nice to know that you friend makes good quality glass because I put my life on the line standing on it, lol! :-P

      The Copper Canyon, should be on everyone's list in our opinion. It is full of natural beauty. We are glad that you are enjoying our pictures and posts of our time here.

  7. An added thought! After Peru in the altitudes I would imagine you feel like you can run up these mountains?

    1. Well not quite run up the mountains but we sure feel like we aren't huffing and puffing and that when we are going up on the trails we aren't having to take breaks to catch our breaths.


  8. How long has the Zip line been open. I don't recall it when we were there 10 years ago.

    1. The zip line opened to the public in the spring of 2014 and the first time that we did it was in January 2015, so it wasn't even a year old at the time.

  9. Just amazing! Looks like such (scary) fun! I love the photo of the adorable little girl.

    1. It really isn't even that scary, only when they first open the gate for you to go does it look a little scary but once you have takeoff you just sit back and enjoy the ride. :-)

  10. Lots of WOW's both this day and the next. :-)

  11. I just took a peek back 5yrs.....No helmets!..Living dangerous back then...

    1. Kevin had looked back at that post as well and laughed because we weren't wearing helmets. Funny thing is, if something happens and you fall a helmet isn't going to help one single bit, lol!


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