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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Market day in Valle de Juarez

Saturday is market day here in Valle de Juarez, so around 9:00am yesterday we all headed into town. We were still early enough that some stalls weren't yet finished setting up... but they were quite happy to sell to you anyhow. Besides, we wanted the best selection of fruits and veggies, which is why we were going in the first place.

I've mentioned this before... market stalls in Canada and the U.S. tend to be overpriced artsy fartsy "organic" events. But here in Mexico, the local weekly market is where you go to get the best produce, and at the best prices.

We started the day off with a gorgeous sunrise...

Sunrise in Valle de Juarez.

Lots of plants for sale.

How about a mini Christmas tree, already decorated.

Heading down to the market street.

Lots of fresh produce.

After wandering around for a bit, we headed to Chema's restaurant. Chema is the guy who owns the campground property, but he also owns a restaurant in town, and on Saturdays he sells carnitas on the street out front.

A carnita is like a type of taco, with deep fried pork and salsa. The meat is simmered in lard until tender over a very low heat. Chema also serves marinated carrots with his. But rather than eating there, we always buy a 1/4 kilo or 1/2 kilo to go and have them for lunch back at the motorhome. There is always enough for two or three lunches that way!

The meat is ready!

He weighs out how much you want.

Then he chops it up with a big cleaver.

You can add different salsas and peppers.

Then wrap it up and it's ready to eat!

We then went downtown to the butcher on the central plaza.

Valle de Juarez has a pretty central plaza.

At the butcher.

And then we walked back to the RV Park.

All of this for 121 pesos ($8.40 CAD, $6.50 USD).

We bought...

6 Apples
4 Mandarines
Head of Broccoli
2 small Cucumbers
1 Jicama
Bag of Carrots
Bag of Green Beans
8 Potatoes
4 Onions
5 big Mushrooms
8 Plum Tomatoes.

All of this for 121 pesos ($8.40 CAD, $6.50 USD).

We love Mexico.

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And in Canada...


  1. That's quite a savings compared to what we pay in Ontario.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. This is one of the many reasons why we love Mexico so much. We love the markets, especially for the best prices on their fruits and vegetables and how fresh, tasty and tender they are. :-)

  2. Dang....just returned from B'dos where we paid $12.US for 3 carrots, small bag of green beans, 6 small potatoes, 2 onions, 1 small cucumber and 5 plum tomatoes. Think you have the better deal! As always, enjoying your travels

    1. Trust us, we remember the expensive prices for the fruit and vegetables in the Barbados but it was still better buying our produce and meat there then eating out, now that was really expensive! Yep, we definitely had the better deal.

  3. Please tell me how you use the jicama. I live in the Central Valley in California where 1/4 of the USA's foods are grown and can't get that good of a deal. I prefer to buy from the local farms but I'm paying the same price I would in the grocery store but it makes me feel better to support these farms then a Corporation.

    I'm seriously considering making Mexico my home base once I retire just so I can afford life once I retire. I will have my small SS and what I have been able to save in my own IRA I've funded and the small retirement I have coming from working in the banks years ago when retirement pay was still a thing back in the day. Inspiring, and thank you.

    1. I peel and cut up the jicama into strips and then squeeze some lime over it and shake some Tajin seasoning on it and eat them raw. It makes a nice Happy Hour treat.

      We know what you mean about not finding as good a price on produce as down here in Mexico. We also try to do most of our shopping at the market and little stores owned by the locals. We only shop at the bigger stores when we happened to be near one and then stock up on some of the non essential items.

      Lots of people move to Mexico to retire, or at least come and stay for the winter and yes, if you pick the right area you can live well on a small amount of money, depending on what you like to do of course. We think that the big key to that is living with Mexican neighbours and not living in an expat community.

  4. You know what I say, "you've gotta love Mexico".

    1. Yep, we find ourselves saying the exact same thing LOTS! :-)


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