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Thursday, December 12, 2019

How You Could Travel With $1000 a Day For Life?

The world is a big and beautiful place. The problem is, most of us cannot afford to visit all the places we would like to. Some people are born into money, but most aren’t.

When you have the freedom of money, you can arrange for your life to travel with you. Technology can transfer everything to where you are. This is true for your perfect measurements for alterations measurements, to your prescriptions and your education transcripts.

Getting the money

There is a great lottery game that is making people very wealthy. It is called Cash4Life. Winning Cash4Life gives you $1000 a day for life. When you are declared the winner, Lottoland will count up the first two months of your winnings. They will then pay you for those two months in advance. For example, let’s say you won your Cash4Life Lottery on June 30th. The first two months of your winnings are July and August. There are 31 days in each of these months. So, Lottoland will pay you $1000 per day for 62 days. You will get a payment for $62,000.00. On the first of September, you will be paid $30,000, for 30 days. This will continue every month for the rest of your life.

How long is life?

There are companies that will set a maximum payout on “life” winnings. Lottoland doesn’t. If you live to be 110 years old, your payments will continue. In order to receive your payments, you must provide Lottoland with a bank account that is in the same name as the name on the Lottery form. (the player.) The account must be in the country in which the player lives. Once you have your automatic deposit set up, you can trust your money is in your bank no matter where your travels take you.

Travel options

With this kind of money, there are several options. You can travel with a prearranged travel group. Travel around the world with friends and experience cultures beyond common tourists sights.

Island Rental

Grab 12 of your closest friends and head to the Philippines. Stay on a beautiful private island for unbelievably low prices. Take the kids, little ones stay free. Experience meals are provided by local chefs.

Private Jet

Air travel is not cheap, and even if you travel first-class, the airport experience is frustrating. But, someone with an extra $30,000 per month in their checking account can afford to rent a private jet to take the gang on an outing.

What to take

It does not take long to know the right clothes to take with you when you travel. Clothes are not the primary challenge. If you find that your blouses are too heavy, you can pick up some summer tops. If your shoes are not comfortable on the paths you are walking, you can pick up some shoes. But, if you are across the globe and you find your passport is missing, that is a problem.

You need the following documents with you when you are traveling:

Passports, visas and travel documents
Copies of travel documents (carry separately from originals)
Copies of credit cards (front and back and carry separately from originals)
Copies of Passports (carry separately from originals)
Emergency contact info
Medical insurance card
List of medications
Credit cards
Note: Do not take your real credit cards with you while you are going to the activities. Load a prepaid credit card for $500.00. This should cover any problem that comes up. But keep your bank card locked up in case you lose your wallet.
Debit card
Local currency

Keep one copy of the documents on you and keep another copy in your hotel safe.


Cash4Life is one of Lottolands most favored games. With Lottoland, you have a lot of choices. There are Cash4Life games offered by different states in the US and different countries. Take a chance and guess your numbers. Maybe the odds are high on playing lottery games. But one thing is absolute. If you don’t play, you don’t win. So, that makes it worth a couple of dollars to us.

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