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Friday, December 27, 2019

Shrimp tacos and a view

We can't seem to get enough of the shrimp taco place near here. Yesterday was another lunch visit... our third time since we arrived here 5 days ago! And I just know that we will be going again. Yesterday, I tried their shrimp and cheese empanada... and I found it even better than the shrimp tacos!

Mona and Roger have two of their kids visiting, so they have taken off to another town for a few days to do some exploring on their own. So our group is down to 12, however friends Heinz and Uli are spending some time with us so we are usually back up to 14 anyhow!

Barb and Sal also have a daughter and her family visiting. Yesterday, after we all went to the shrimp taco place, we were driven to nearby Monte Mitla where the owner of the mountain top has built an acoustic echo vortex.

Some of us decided to walk up the hill just to get some exercise.

It didn't take long to start to get a view.

Denise and Bob heading up hill.

The owner has the entrance road decorated with stone carvings.

Here comes Garth and Ruth.

Aron and Bob enjoying the view.

On the left in the clouds is the Colima volcano.

At the top of the mountain, the owner has built a bit of an odd "eco" village with some kind of run down hippie style tree houses.

There are also seven slightly nicer cabins each with a beautiful view that rent on Airbnb for 750 pesos ($52 CAD, $40 USD) per night.

Then, there is the "echo vortex".

The story goes that the owner had a farm worker up here watering the avocado trees, and he was singing to himself as he was doing his job. At one point, he could hear himself singing with a hollow echo.. but only in that one spot. So the owner built a circular wall with a maze inside marking the center of the vortex.

Standing in the center, you can definitely hear the echo. You don't even have to talk loudly.

There are several similar acoustic anomalies around the world, and they all have one thing in common... the circular wall.

Now, I was born at night, but it wasn't last night. You can't tell me that circular wall doesn't have something to do with it. I even read one article that says you can build your own acoustical vortex. I'm assuming pretty much the way this one was built!

But the owner has sold a good story, and even says that he has had a geologist up here who says that the echo and energy comes from a magnetic field inside the long dormant volcano. He even gets people coming from Guadalajara to experience the "energy".

And, he says that there is another one nearby that is "undeveloped". I guess I would have been more of a believer had he not built the circular wall around this one! 

Bob, soaking in the "energy".


And Ruth.

Another good day in Mexico, but in my opinion not worth the 50 pesos per person to experience the echo.

Today, we are hiking up Picachu... a nearby hill with more fantastic views!


And in Canada...


  1. Neat looking tree cabins with grass growing out of the roof. Not cheap to rent either. Never heard till now about the circular echo anomalies. Glad you experienced it.

    1. Those cabins were neat looking but not very nice, the newer cabins were better.


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