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Monday, December 30, 2019

Whiskey's tree, and Mazamitla for lunch

Yesterday was a bit of a cool, overcast day with a high of only 17C (63F). Things look back to normal today though with sunshine and 22C (72F) in the forecast.

In the morning, a bunch of us walked over to the old Hacienda Contreras campground. It's only just down the road from where we are staying now. We spent a lot of time there between our first visit in March of 2009, and our last stay there in March 2016.

The first time we were there, the trees had only just been planted.

Our first time at Hacienda Contreras in March 2009.

In February 2011, the trees are starting to get bigger.

Yesterday... the trees have really grown in 10 years!

The new owner keeps the property in good condition, but unfortunately he has no interest in using it as a campground which is a real shame.

One of the RV sites with patio and flowers.

Another site.

At the end of September 2011, our dog Whiskey passed away. We were in Mexico at the time, and on our way to Hacienda Contreras. 

We buried Whiskey at Hacienda Contreras, and planted a small bottle brush tree to mark the spot where she is buried.

Whiskey's tree, yesterday!

We relaxed for the rest of the morning, but we went with the group (and Heinz and Ulli) into Mazamitla for lunch at the popular La Troje restaurant. Ruth and I have been there probably six or seven times in the past and have never had a bad meal.

Quite a few of us ordered the house specialty... "Trifajitas".

Fajitas, with a mix of shrimp, beef, and chicken!

Delicious... one plate is enough for two people. Ruth and I split a plate.

Sue and Roy split a plate as well.

Ruth had a margarita, and I had two beers. Including tip, our bill was 375 pesos ($26 CAD, $20 USD). We did not need much for supper!

Mazamitla is a nice town to wander around.

We went into a small museum, where they had a model of the church.

Today is a relax day, but we have to find a mechanic to fix a leak in the oil cooler line of Garth's rig.

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And in Canada...


  1. Great to see you were able to visit Whiskey, those trees really have grown!

    1. We could never come to Valle de Juárez and not visit Whiskey and her tree! And yes, her tree and all the other tress have really grown over the past 10 years. It is really beautiful there and it is a shame that it is never used anymore.

  2. Beautiful tree to remind you of Whiskey. The town is beautiful and would be nice to wander around in. So cheerful looking. Sure a 29 foot MH couldn't go on your safari next year?

    1. We love Whiskey's tree, it is a pretty bottle brush tree. We keep saying that Whiskey must really love it there because the tree is doing so well. We always love to stop by and visit both her and her tree.

      Mazamitla is a very pretty town and is a favourite place to visit for people that live in Guadalajara, on the weekends or holidays.

      We never know from one year to the next if we will do another caravan trip again or not but yes, a 29' motorhome would probably be fine.


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