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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The city Of Tepic, Nayarit... and a minor repair job!

Yesterday was a day off for the group. We are here in the city of Tepic (pop around 500,000). The city itself is nothing special, but we are just taking a rest day on our way to Etzatlan.

Most gringos don't visit Tepic, even though it's the capital of the state of Nayarit. Located only 170 kms (105 miles) or so from the popular beach areas at and around Puerto Vallarta, most tourists from Canada and the U.S. head directly there.

Yesterday morning, I opened the cargo door compartment where Sherman's rear suspension airbag controls are located, and I glanced at the gauge. I was surprised to see that the left rear airbag pressure was reading zero!

I installed this system myself back in March of 2011, and it has been problem free for all of those years.

I tried putting pressure into the airbag and I could hear the sound of a steady hiss.

Long story short, when I adjusted a couple of exhaust brackets the other day, the tailpipe rotated just enough to touch one of the airlines right near the point where it attaches to the bag itself. It melted a hole in the air line. Problem is, it was really hard to get at. And because I installed the system, I knew just how difficult it would be to remove the assembly for easier access.

Bob jumped right in to help me fix the problem (thanks Bob!), and the rest of the group headed into Tepic.

It only took us an hour or so, and we did not have to remove the assembly. We loosened up the exhaust and moved it further away from the assembly so that at least we could get our fingers in there. With him lying on one side, and me on the other, we managed to get the airline removed from the fitting and cut out the melted section and reinstall it.

All fixed. And yes, the exhaust is far enough away from the line this time! We wrapped it in high heat tape just to be on the safe side.

Bob and I left and caught up to the rest of the group in el centro for lunch.

Happy Birthday Roy!

Today, we do the drive to Etzatlan where we will spend 5 nights.

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And in Canada...


  1. Beautiful artwork. Glad you and Bob got the airbag fixed. Nice knowing where the problem is.

    1. We are also very happy that the airbag got fixed, without "too" much trouble.

      A lot of the State or Municipal buildings in many of the cities have big murals depicting the history of either the city, state or Mexico itself. They are always interesting to look at.


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