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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas in Etzatlan

 Saturday was a dull day with a few showers. Most of the group went into town, but Ruth was doing some baking so we stayed behind to look after the fort. I managed to get the balance of the Texas grime washed off of Sherman.

When we had arrived in Texas in November, Sherman had been sitting since April. It's amazing the accumulation of dirt on the exterior. I had got the windows and the passenger side done early on, but had never got to doing the driver side and the back end.

Now, I just have to get to the roof one of these days.

Yesterday evening, most of us walked back into town. We wanted to see the Crochet Canopy lit up at night.

But it turned out that wasn't the main attraction... it was the night of the annual Christmas parade!

Lots of vehicles dressed up for Christmas.

There's the big guy himself.

And of course Mr. Grinch.

Under the Crochet Canopy.

Christmas tree in the plaza.

Santa saying hello to the children.

Mr. Burro in his reindeer costume.

The churro guy was doing a brisk business.

Churro cooking.

The finished product. Yummy.

Lots of people out enjoying the evening, and we had fun taking it all in.

Once again, we have enjoyed our stay here in Etzatlan at Delia's Trailer Park. Five days wasn't quite long enough though... next time we need to schedule a week.

Today, we move on to Valle de Juarez for a 10 night stay.


And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. It was a great evening, we are so happy that we walked down there on Saturday evening to watch all the festivities. :-)

  2. What a beautiful Christmas tree. The parade was neat. Don't see that in the states. Glad you caught it.

    1. It was a fantastic evening, definitely lots of activities going on. One of the many reasons that we love coming to Mexico so much. :-)


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