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Sunday, December 8, 2019

A productive day, followed by a soak in the hot pool

We were all due for a day off to do our own thing and we think that everybody enjoyed doing just that!

We have full access to the pools here at Balneario San Juan so quite a few people took advantage of that throughout the day. I saw quite a few of our group getting laundry done at 20 pesos ($1.40 CAD, $1.05 USD) per load to use the washing machine here. Stuff dries so quickly in the sun that you don't need a clothes dryer.

I took a few photos at sunrise...

While I was doing my morning computer work, Ruth took part in the morning exercise program that some of the ladies have put together. They say they will try to do this 3-4 mornings a week depending on where we are. 

Good for them!

After breakfast, I had some projects to do. 

The other day I turned on Sherman's headlights and the switch pushed right through the dash! Turned out that the housing had broken. Some of Sherman's plastic parts are deteriorating, and this is just another thing. I had to take the instrument panel all apart and I used a glue gun to reattach the light switch. It looks pretty strong but I will still have to be gentle with it!

Next, the heater fan was making a funny noise on high, so I had to remove it. I thought I might find a dead mouse or something, but it was just a loose piece of foam that was being sucked in when the fan was running on high speed.

Then, I had to mess with some of the exhaust brackets. I had to do this once last season as well, but I think it is now strong enough to last for another year or so Eventually I will have to buy new brackets.

Meanwhile, others were also doing repairs. Larry and Martha finally have a working slideout and steps again after the handyman here at the San Juan Balneario did some welding and repair work on those items.

And Aron and Owenita's fridge has been on the fritz for over a week now. We thought it needed a new control board but had no way to test it. So we ordered a new one and had it predelivered here in time for our arrival. But they changed the board and it did no good. So yesterday Aron and Roger did a whole bunch of testing and found that there was a bad ground wire leading to the board. They replaced a connector, and the fridge fired right up! Sometimes it's just a simple fix, but it's finding out the problem that can be frustrating.

Here are a few pics of the water park...

Happy hour had us playing another couple of fun rounds of LCR with me winning one game, and Larry winning the other.

The mosquitoes come out at about 6:30pm, but they don't last long. By 7:45pm they were gone and we went and had an evening dip in the hot pool. Really nice!

Big price drop on the Coleman Back Home Screen House.

And in Canada...

Good deal on the Tineco Hero+ Cordless Vac.


  1. Even though there aren't a lot of services there that looks like a good place to park. It must be so much easier for your group to pool resources/brain power when it comes to some of these issues with the RVs

    1. It is a nice and our group doesn't need a lot of services. The one that we normally need would be sewer for our black tanks but we are all good at conserving so as long as we time ourselves well between parks that have a sewer then all the other services are easy to acquire or aren't necessary. And we have planned our route well so that the longest time between dump sites is about 10 to 12 days so we have no problem in that category.

      Yes, it is great we everyone is able to pull their resources and brains to fix just about any problem we have along the way.

  2. Good to have a day for repairs and r&r. Stunning blue skies too.

    1. Yes, it is very good and we will have a few more relaxing days coming up as well. :-)

      We are loving these blue skies!

  3. Skeeters!??...Oh No!...Since everyone seems to have tools etc. stuffed away, I hope there is some Deet stowed away...
    Hot water feels sooo good for aching bods....Mine knows this is true....

    1. I know that we have lots of bug spray left over from our trip up to the Yukon two summers ago but we haven't needed to bring it out. During the day there aren't any mosquitoes around at all. The only time they come out is at dusk and by then our happy hour is just about over so we all return to our motorhomes and have our dinner and by 7:30 or 8pm they are gone so we can soak in the hot pools without a worry.


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