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Friday, December 20, 2019

Saw some interesting things yesterday!

We took the group for a hike up to the big cross overlooking the town of Etzatlan yesterday.

We were up there last March when we were here, but back then we hiked past the cross another couple of kilometers. This time, some of us decided to go further than that. Then, we came back to town and met up with the rest of the group for lunch.

We saw some interesting things along the way!

We set off at around 9:00am...

Here come the gringos!

A hazy view from the top.

Zoomed in on the Crochet Canopy.

There's a big deal going on in the town of Etzatlan just now. Somebody here had an idea to build the world's largest crochet canopy. So there are a few streets in the central area just now that are covered in this canopy. In fact, the Guinness World Book of Records were here to certify it.

Pretty butterfly.

A budgie?

So we are walking along the trail leading back to town when I see a bird on the ground, and just as I saw it, it saw me and flew up into a tree in front of me. I had to do a double take... it was a budgie. It didn't seem very afraid of us, and Ruth stuck her hand up there to see if it would walk onto her fingers.

Yep, it was pretty tame.

Obviously someone's pet who got away. But, it seems to be surviving okay, and it flew back onto a branch.

Back in town, we went to see the Crochet Canopy.

Over 200 people took 8 months to crochet 8,248 hexagons and used 824.80 kg (1,818.37 lb) of synthetic fibre to create this canopy.

Not every day you see a car driving down the road with a dog on the roof!

The central plaza in Etzatlan.

Denise, Bob, Owenita, Aron, and Jim.

We stopped into a leather shop.

Hand made saddles.

Back at the campground, the propane truck came in to fill us all up.

When we were here in March, they had just started to build a little casita here on the property. They finished it last month and it's a real cute little place, They built it specifically to rent it out on a short term basis, and it is also listed on Airbnb.

If we ever settle down in Mexico, it would be in a place like this!


Living and dining room area.

Master bedroom.


Loft bedroom.

It's designed for families, and sleeps six. It rents for 1,500 pesos ($105 CAD, $80 USD) per night, but if you are just a couple they reduce that to 1.200 pesos ($84 CAD, $65 USD) per night.

You can contact Sam at [email protected] or phone at 33 1308 1639 or her FB page at facebook.com/DeliasTrailerParkEtzatlan/ 

We ended up walking 18 kms (11.2 miles) yesterday... great workout!

Today is a little cloudy, and we even had some raindrops. It's a day off, so everyone is just puttering about. Nothing special planned.

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And in Canada...


  1. Love the little casita. My house is 900 sq ft so about that size if not smaller. I have a bungalow.

    1. It is a really pretty casita, and just the right size for living in. As Kevin mentioned if we were to ever have a house again we would love it to be something like this.

  2. What a cute cabin! I definitely could see myself in something like that.

    1. Yep, us too! It is just the right size. :-) They did a really good job building it.

  3. Cute cabin but sounds expensive for Mexico!

    1. For something like that, it isn't really too expensive. It is made for six people and they are only a couple of hours away from Guadalajara where there is a big middle class Mexican population. They certainly haven't been having a problem renting it out on the weekends since they finished building it a couple of months ago.

  4. The little casita is perfect! A wonderful day for a hike!

    1. We think so too!

      We love this area, there are lots of places to hike, some are just a bus ride away.

  5. Wow, lots of detail in the crochet panels..I wonder what they used to crochet them. Yarn would stretch I would think, and cause the canopy to droop. Love the dog on the car and the bird. The mastery of hand skills in saddle making..Great town!

    1. Lots of detail and work went into this project, we think they did a fantastic job on it. There are 8,248 hexagons that used 824.80 kg (1,818.37 lb) of synthetic fibre, and yes the canopy does stretch a little and over time it will end up drooping but it is also only a temporary exhibit.

      This little town has so much going on, and it literately has everything that you need. This was our second time going into the leather shop and the guys working in there are so friendly and have no problem with you watching them work.

  6. Replies
    1. It is definitely amazing. We are hoping that the rain will hold off this evening so we can go back downtown and see the town square and canopy lit up at night.

  7. Maybe that's George's (Tioga George) bird that escaped. He's keeping an eye on you in his beloved Mexico.

    1. Lol, when we first saw the budgie, that was our first thought! :-)

  8. "Not every day you see a car driving down the road with a dog on the roof!"

    That's for sure!

    1. Nope it sure isn't, in fact I think that was our first time ever seeing a dog riding on the roof of a car. It was funny because just before Kevin took the picture, the dog was comfortably sitting down on the roof and seemed to be quite happy!

  9. That casita is absolutely adorable! I would want a bigger kitchen, but aside from that...perfect. I particularly love the details on the exterior. Crochet panels are amazing too. Wow!

    1. It is adorable, and you are right, the kitchen could use a little more counter space but that would be easy to do. They really did put lots of detail into it and I think that is what makes it so perfect. :-)

      We really loved the idea of the crochet canopy, it really adds to the centro area of Etzatlán.

  10. I love that little casita...so adorable!


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