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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Visit to Avandaro

Yesterday we took the collectivo taxi to the nearby town of Avandaro. We actually had to take two taxis, one to the center of Valle de Bravo, and another one to Avandaro which is on the other side of Valle from where we are. Total taxi cost for the return trip was 84 pesos ($6.72) for the two of us.

Avandaro is a community on the south shore of Lake Avandaro. Mostly upper class, with a few smaller homes and condominiums. Nice area just to walk around. But the purpose of our visit there was to see the Velo de Novia Cascada (Bride's Veil Falls).

From where the taxi let us off at el centro Avandaro, we walked about 2 kms (1.6 miles) each way to the entrance to the park where the falls are located. Then we hiked in the park about a half km to get to the falls.

They were okay, but not spectacular. Probably would be spectacular during rainy season though.

Our first view of the falls.

Down at the base of the falls.

Then we saw a trail that led down to the lake. Didn't say how far it was, but we decided we were up to doing the hike. It turned out to be probably another 1.5 kms down to the lake.

Along the trail they had these neat tables where you could cook and sit and the same time.

Made it down to the lake. Should have asked the boat if they would take us back to Valle de Bravo...would have been a lot faster!

But, we ended up hiking back out the same way we came in. Made it back to the road and here we were walking along the road when I spotted at my feet two 50 pesos notes! Two brand new bills just sitting on the sidewalk! Ruth was in front of me and had walked right by them. 100 pesos ($8.00) just sitting there waiting to be picked up by some lucky soul! It's funny because a couple of weeks ago I had spotted two 10 pesos coins lying on a trail we were on.

Made it back to Sherman and relaxed for a couple of hours. Ruth had made a big pot of spaghetti sauce and we had invited Chago and his family to come have supper with us. Chago's wife Carmen brought some food as well, and their friend Roberto joined us too.

Ruth, Carmen, Isidro, Mariel, Chago, Roberto


  1. Good del for the Taxi ride both ways, especially since you found the pesos of the trail to more than pay for it. A profitable day, and nice to share supper with friends.

  2. Always best to keep your eyes peeled.

  3. Ah Mexican spaghetti ,love to try it someday. looks like a great dinner together in a family setting. That's the thing I like about your travels in Mexico, you meet so many nice families.Donna went back to work this morning, she says she is feeling better. be safe out there. sam & Donna....

  4. a great day for a hike..and found money too!! the new header shot!!

  5. I think the falls look pretty nice. Enjoy your stay. ~whereweaver

  6. Wow, a stone hibachi table. All that is needed is the fellow chopping and throwing his knives around. ;)

  7. Kevin, I'm not sure if you saw the movie "Seducing Dortor Lewis" it's about a small coastal village that are trying to seduce a doctor to stay in their village. One of the ploy they used was by leaving five dollar bill on his path... maybe the 100 pesos you found is from some Mexican wanting to seduce 2 gringoes to stay hahaha

    I don't think that they need to do that, do they?

    1. Ha! Nope, they don't need to do that. But if they want to do it anyhow, we won't stop them!


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