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Monday, February 6, 2012

Back at Playa Ventura

Yesterday morning, we were on the road just after 7:30am. We had to do the long 265 km (164 mile) drive heading back towards Acapulco. Hard to believe three weeks has gone by so quickly. Lindsey and Cameron head back to Canada on Wednesday!

It takes about five hours of driving to do that distance. The highway is twisty windy in a lot of sections, and in the motorhome it's pretty slow going. plus, it goes through quite a few villages.

The town of Rio Grande has lots of these little three wheeled taxis.

Highway 200 has lots of curves!

Stopped for a break at this waterfall along the way.

These birds were enjoying the waterfall too!

Made it to Playa Ventura and got parked up beside our private swimming pool. 

Lindsey and Cameron wasted no time getting into a hammock!


  1. The picture of Lindsey and Cameron in the hammock symbolize your whole trip...pure enjoyment.

  2. How cute is that three wheeled taxis! But it doesn't look very comfortable. Glad you made is safely back "home."

  3. Great photo of Lindsey & Cameron! Our daytime temps here are hovering around freezing. Not all that cold for us but I expect Lindsey will think it's cold after the weather you've had for the last 3 wks.

  4. I agree that photo is priceless and what a great adventure for all of you to share.

  5. Great picture!
    That's what it's all about, relaxing and enjoying life.

  6. The photo of Lindsey and Cameron in the hammock is precious! Thanks for sharing!
    Connie in PA

  7. Interesting ride and it must be nice to be back at you private pool:)

  8. hard to believe how fast the time has flown ...the pic of Lindsey and Cameron is truly precious...!!!


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