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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February expenses

Five months in Mexico, and February was our most expensive month yet. We spent a total of $1,224.75, and it was short month. A little higher than we like it to be, but we had Lindsey and Cameron with us for the first eight days, so that made a difference.

And, we drove 850 kms (530 miles) with quite a bit of it on expensive toll roads, so that added to the monthly costs as well.

February driving, 850 kms (530 miles)

So, here is how we spent $1,224.75...

Gasoline: We spent $201.60 on gasoline. Not bad, our average over the last 5 months is now $152 per month.

Toll roads: I changed our budget to include this as a separate category. More important when traveling Mexico because the toll roads are quite expensive. We spent $88.64 on highway toll charges in February. Mostly because of the beautiful (but expensive) highway between Acapulco and Cuernavaca. Our average for the last 5 months is $38 per month.

Propane: This is inexpensive in Mexico. We filled the tank, at a cost of $32.00. Average over the last 5 months is $20 per month. Our refrigerator runs almost exclusively off propane, and we still put the furance on for a few minutes in the morning here.

Grocery: Our highest month since being here, but we did have Lindsey and Cameron with us for the first eight days. We spent $275.96 which in perspective is still really cheap compared to what we would have spent in Canada. And I notice that almost $150 of that was in the first 7 days of the month so we must have been really low on stuff at the end of January. 5 month average stands at $205 per month. Not bad considering we don't eat out very often!

Alcohol: Again, our highest month yet. This can be directly attributed to Lindsey being here (Kahlua and milk is pretty tasty, isn't it Lindsey?!). We spent $151.73, and I'm not sure where it went. We have nothing to show for it! Average over the last 5 months is $118.

Miscellaneous: Always the wild card, this category came in at $141.62. Average over 5 months is $110, so a little above average but we bought some new shorts and t-shirts so that put us a little higher.

Entertainment: Only $86.40 in February, which is pretty good considering that this category includes meals out. Average over 5 months is $93 per month.

Overnight: Campground and overnight expenses came to $214.80. Not bad. Average stands at $195 per month.

Motorhome maintenance: Spent $32 on Sherman's rear bumper. I'll finish the job myself at Hacienda Contreras in April! Sherman has been really good to us and has not cost us any money over the last 5 months.  Yes, I will be changing his oil next month but I had already purchased the oil and filter last September and I'll do the job myself!

Travel: I also made a new category called "Travel". This is where we will be putting airfare and car rental and bus expenses over the next few months. 

So, five months in Mexico has cost us a total of $4,755, or $951 per month! Not bad, huh??!!


  1. not bad at all!..now if only we could live that cheap here in Canada!..everything keeps going up except the wages!!

  2. And I love it when people say it is just as expensive if not more to rv in Mexico!

    1. Chris, I have five years of proof that it is MUCH cheaper to live and RV in Mexico. When we are in Canada, we spent $450 per month on groceries. And don't even talk to me about gasoline and booze!

  3. My cheap gas station now has the low-end gas at $4.32/gallon.

  4. Gotta love it, does that include Mexican vehicle insurance in there anywhere? Just curious.

    1. We expensed our Mexico motorhome insurance in September, the month we paid for it.

  5. Great job you two. I don't know how you do it but it is amazing! Gas today went up 10 cents for the second day in a row...YUCK! ~wheresweaver

  6. sounds like y'all are having a good time


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