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Thursday, February 2, 2012

La Cascada de la Reforma

"Cascada" is Spanish for waterfall. There are many beautiful waterfalls in Mexico, and we were taken to one yesterday. La Cascada de la Reforma is in the middle of nowhere 19 kms (12 miles) along a single lane dirt road.

Alfredo borrowed his uncle's truck and we paid for the gas to get us up there. Ruth and Mary made a picnic lunch for everybody, and we all piled into the back of the truck. Alfredo's sister Olivia and his mother's friend Justina came along as well.

Getting comfortable in the back of the truck. Justina, Ruth, and Olivia.

Scenery along the way. You can see the twisty windy dirt road we are on.

This has got to be the most twisty windy road I have ever been on. And it goes for 19 kms from the main highway, which is itself a twisty windy road! Pretty slow going, and it took us an hour and a half to go 46 kms (29 miles)!

The falls are located at GPS 15.98988 -96.93975

These falls don't get many visitors, and there's really only room to park four or five vehicles. But, they have a small restaurant and they have just built nine cabanas that are for rent. None of them were occupied when we were there. It is a 10 minute hike to get to the falls from the parking area, and we carried our cooler and supplies for lunch to have a picnic at the falls.

Our first view of the falls.

You have to cross the river to get to the path to the falls.

You can see us at the bottom right having our picnic!

Alfredo, Justina, Mary, Ruth, Nataly, Olivia.

Alfredo and his sister Olivia went for a swim. The water was pretty chilly, but even Lindsey went in eventually!

We made our way back to the truck, and spoke to the caretaker for a while. The cabanas were built last year, apparently with community money from Protectivo Ecotouristico La Reforma Mixtepec. They rent for 250 pesos ($20) per night and each one has a double bed, bathroom and shower, and stove and sink. Rates are negotiable and if you stayed for a week you'd get a pretty good deal! Ruth and I would like to return here and do some hiking in the area so maybe next year we'll rent a cabana for a few nights.

They have nine of these cabanas for rent. 


  1. only in Mexico can you ride in the back of a pick up truck sitting in a lawn chair!..great place for a picnic!!!!

  2. Looks like a great place. I will keep the cabanas in mind if I decide to head inland for the summer. PS I found a 1.5 liter bottle of scotch for $11. US!

  3. You all sat in the back of that truck for 29 miles? Paul would have been so sick; we would have had to get out and walk back.
    Another BEAUTIFUL site in Mexico.

  4. What a neat place to visit, the falls and river are so peaceful, That little Natali looks like she sure could charm a Grandpa.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. The beautiful destination was well worth the trip.

  6. Definitely a great find. If you rented cabanas, is there a place to park nearby or do you still have to cross the stream on foot?

  7. Um ya. No riding backwards for me either. I'd hurl for sure.

  8. What a find! It pays to get friendly with the locals.

  9. Wow that's so expensive for being in a non tourist area !

    1. We thought the price for the cabanas was actually pretty inexpensive, and we are pretty cheap about things like this. They were clean, had a double bed, bathroom and shower with running water plus you could cook your own meals there and I believe that also gave you entrance into the waterfalls as well as hiking in the area.


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