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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last day in Puerto Escondido

We said goodbye to our Puerto Escondido friends on Saturday morning. Sad to say goodbye, but time to move onto new experiences! We left and filled up with gas, and stopped at a hotel that has a dump station and paid 50 pesos ($4.00) to empty the holding tanks.

Then, we drove...all of about 25 kms (15.5 miles)!!

That's as far as we wanted to go. We had seen a "ecotouristica" spot on the north side of Puerto that advertised camping and RV Parking. They have no facilities, but it's a pretty spot to park for the night. A little overpriced at 150 pesos ($12.00) but by doing this, it saves us an hour of our long drive today to Playa Ventura.

Sherman, parked in the shade at GPS 15.94010 -97.16552

No internet at this location either. So this is being posted a little late today.

But there were some mosquitoes. Popped up the bug tent for Cameron, Ruth, and Lindsey.

Sherman's rear bumper. Good from far, but far from good!

Glen had made a comment on yesterday's post that I had done some damage to the bumper myself. Yes, that is true! Our very first day ever driving in Mexico, back in early December of 2007, Sherman's rear bumper caught the front licence bracket of a parked pickup truck as I was making a slow turn. The bumper was already bent, and I made it slightly worse! Yes, I backed into a tree to straighten it out a little bit, and that's the way it's been until now!


  1. I don't think the bumper looks all that bad. And Sherman seems to be quite happy with it. At least he's not naked any longer.

  2. Hey if it's cheap 15 foot body work isn't bad. You know it looks great from 15 feet away.Hope you are having a fun travel day. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. That bug tent looks awesome. Love it!

  4. bumper looks great to me....we have one of those popup bug tents too..but I'm afraid to pop it up because it took us almost 3 mos to get it back in bag last time lol

  5. We are waiting for the day when we put a ding somewhere in our rig. We know the day is coming!

  6. nice bug tent and the bumper will get better with time, after all it's not a new rig, that's what we say when it's not quit right! Close is good.

  7. Sorry we missed you in Puerto (we live just three blocks from the campground you were staying at in La Punta.

    Found your Blog too late (via Croft's Blog.

    Oh well perhaps another time. ;-)

  8. where did you get that awesome bug tent? i need one just that size for the kiddos! great adventure!

    1. We got it at a Sears store in Canada about 10 years ago, not sure they are available anymore.


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