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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Barra de Colotopec (day 6)

Well, not much of an update this morning because we didn't do very much yesterday! And we didn't take any pictures! But, I will tell you the story of our bumper...

I mentioned the other day that we removed Sherman's rear bumper and dropped it off to be straightened and painted and to have the mounting brackets reinforced which I thought were a little weak.

We dropped it off Tuesday morning and made sure that the guy understood we needed it back on Friday.

Some of you mentioned that might not happen...and not surprisingly, you were right!

We went to pick it up yesterday afternoon. They had made new brackets and welded them on, and I was happy about that. And they had straightened it nicely, so that's good too. But that's where the good news stopped. It was not painted yet. They blamed it on the guy making the paint, a lame excuse since it was not even close to being ready to paint. They asked for one more day to finish the job but I didn't like the preparation work they were doing (I was in the body and paint business for 20 years). And I was highly doubtful at this point that one more day was going to be enough for them anyhow.

So we negotiated the price down from 850 pesos ($68) to 400 pesos ($32)  for the work they had done.

Then, Alfredo and I brought the bumper back. I had a small tin of black Tremclad rust paint and we brush painted the new brackets and the inside of the bumper. Then, I had half a can of spray paint the same color as Sherman. I sprayed the outside of the bumper as best I could under the circumstances just so that it would look passable. Obviously it's not very good, but it's passable until we can get to another shop somewhere the next time we are parked up for any length of time.

Oh well, life goes on here in Mexico!


  1. I really have a difficult time figuring out how some businesses stay in business! I don't think the left hands knows what the right hand is doing!
    Nataly is a really sweetheart! ~wheresweaver

  2. Glad you knew enough to know it was time to take your bumper and go home. Look at those lashes on Nataly. What a cutie.

  3. Glad you were able to take care of it yourself.... that was lucky indeed. Hope all else is going well!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  4. At least most of it was done and you have the bumper back on. Mexican time is quite different than ours for sure.

  5. Sometimes it pays to have a wee bit of experience...and to know when to "call it a day", so to speak.
    It's all about the prep work when it comes to any half decent body work, as you well know. They probably figured you really didn't know any different. Nice try.
    Reminds me of a shop teacher I once was acquainted with, who was forever doing prep work to an old 2002 tii BMW. (2002 wasn't the year, that was the model, I think it was either a '73 or '74) Awesome little car btw.
    Anyway, he'd "get it all ready" and take it over to get it painted, and then the next day, it would be back again, since he had "missed a few spots". He wet sanded that thing for well, what seemed like forever. Whatever body shop it was, wasn't going to do a half assed job. He finally got it painted, but it took a few trips.

  6. Sounds like you made a real good call on that bumper job:)

  7. butterbean carpenterFebruary 6, 2012 at 1:07 AM

    Howdy R&K,
    Sorry about the bumper, Kevin, but all they know is puddle-welding..
    Once I had a p-u all straightened
    ready to be painted(had worked for over a year) and on the way over to the body-shop a drunk sideswiped me and totally ruined the truck.. He wound up on the median and when I jerked him out of his car he just kinda melted to the ground; he didn't even know he'd hit me!! I couldn't hit him in that condition, so, I just let the cops haul him off...


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