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Sunday, February 26, 2012


There is a lot of wrong information floating around, and I think it's because people don't bother to check things for themselves, instead simply relying on what is passed on from someone else who hasn't checked for themselves.

A comment on yesterday's post from "Anonymous" (but signed Dee) asks...

Kevin and Ruth, what will you do about the termination of Sherman's RV permit when you both leave Mexico and leave Sherman behind? The Mexican government now checks all that by computer when you leave the country, whether by land or air. 

Well, we don't need to do anything. Sherman has a 10 year permit to remain in Mexico. There is nothing stopping us from flying out of the country and returning. And I do not believe the Mexican government checks much of anything when you leave the country. Our daughter left a few weeks ago and all she did was hand in her tourist permit to the airline person who also takes the tickets and hop on the plane. Nothing was "checked" to see if she had driven into the country and left a vehicle behind.

(On edit, I should qualify those statements. I believe that if you only have the 180 day RV vehicle permit that legally you are not supposed to leave the country without your vehicle. I cannot find confirmation of this, and even if I did it would all be in Spanish. However the majority of Mexico travel sites in English do state this. Would it be enforced? Probably not, but who knows? I am confident that in our situation we are doing things the proper way.)

Didn't do much of anything yesterday. Lots of sitting around reading. But, in the afternoon, one of the weekender couples showed up. We had met this couple here last weekend, and they have bought an older motorhome. One of the very few Mexican motorhomers! It's a 1994 Itasca and he was asking me some questions about it. He was especially interested in our solar panel setup. It was fun trying to talk about all of that stuff in Spanish!

They invited us over for a family dinner later in the afternoon! Turned out it was a little birthday celebration...

I'm not usually a big cake eater, but this birthday cake was delicious! Poor Ruth couldn't have any because of her gluten allergy!

Singing Spanish birthday songs. Notice our Spanish/English dictionary on the table. It got lots of use!


  1. Always good for another party in Mexico. Too bad Ruth could not try the cake, we have a few family members with gluten allergies as well, sometime makes get togethers hard to plan.

  2. Just met a couple yesterday that are living in San Miguel but are in Texas visiting family. They also are loving living in Mexico, fun to get another perspective and way to live.

  3. Love the parties you guys seems to fall into! You will have to put that dictionary away while you are in Europe and pick up a bunch of others! (french, german...)
    I don't know anything about the government in Mexico, but am pretty sure they don't crack down on travel as much as the US or Canadian Governments do.
    JMHO of course.

  4. I don't know which I like better...all the great deals you guys get into or the photo's you take. Either way, it's all good.

  5. No reason why you can't do what you want to with the RV legally. Sounds just fine to me. If you are coming and going by air within your 6 months visitor visa just bring the original receipt document and you won't have to buy a new one. However in your case you will likely be beyond the 6 month visa so jut buy a new 180 visa when you get back to Mexico. Lucky you to be so free!

    1. Our current 180 day visa runs out on March 26, while we are in Vegas...this was part of the plan...the cost of the visa we get upon returning is included in the airfare!

  6. That looks like a well organized party for a camping trip:)

  7. Why aren't the Mexicans RVers? RVing seems to be mostly white old folks. You guys are just having so much fun and are really working on that Spanish.

    1. Not quite sure why there aren't but we do know that there are very few RV dealers in Mexico and most would be in the Mexico City area. I also think that cost is a big factor as well as very strict importation rules.

  8. What a fun party it looked like...
    Have fun

  9. you guys do fall into the best parties, and weddings

  10. Kevin and Ruth, dear friends heard me tell someone that we plan to motorhome in Mexico. Well, guess what happened, they are so concerned that we will be robbed, shot, whatever. They say it is unsafe to travel in Mexico. I have given them your blog address and the addresses of a couple of other Mex bloggers. Do you have any other suggestions? OH....and it was on National (U.S.) news this morning that a busload of tourists was stopped and robbed in Mexico.


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