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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back in Acapulco

I had a great birthday yesterday, thanks everyone for your birthday wishes!

We did the two and a half hour drive back to the Diamante area of Acapulco. We're only about 5 kms from the airport, so it's a convenient location to say goodbye to Lindsey and Cameron today.

We've done this drive several times now, but we'll show you some pics from along the way anyhow. Yesterday was our first cloudy, overcast day since October!

Anyone wanna buy a banana?

Mucho traffico in this little town!

But, the transito police didn't even look at us.

Scenery along the way.

It was a rare dull grey day, but of course still nice and warm. We arrived at the Diamante Trailer Park around noon. Unfortunately, the place has increased it's overnight price to 275 pesos ($22). We don't see the attraction at all...not our kind of place. But, it served it's purpose for one night. we walked about a km and a half to the Walmart and Mega stores and did a big grocery shop, then took a taxi back. 

Relaxed for the rest of the day, and then had a great dinner! We had bought steaks for my birthday supper, and although they were a little pricey by Mexican standards, they were super tender and delicious!

Two big thick boneless rib eye steaks. Cost was 139 pesos ($11.09) for the two of them.

Birthday dinner...delicious!


  1. Happy belated B-day!!

  2. Prayers are with Lindsey and Cameron for their safe return. Looks like the perfect B-Day dinner to me.Angela

  3. happy belated if I didn't already wish you a very happy birthday..the steaks look delicious!

  4. It is sure nice to get good tender steaks in Mexico, and then to grill them on your Weber, perfect! Glad you had a nice birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a great dinner and had family there to celebrate with. Life is good!

  6. Looks like you had a great birthday supper.

  7. I am sure you are a bit sad that the kids are leaving but just think of all the memories you have to take with you on the rest of your travels.

  8. Lookin' good for a couple fifty year olds!
    Hope the trip is a good one. Just a tad cooler in N.S. right about now with temps about the same as ours....on the minus side.

  9. Looks like you had a great birthday!!!

    Steve and Karen
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