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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cuernavaca (day 2)

It was pouring rain when we woke up yesterday and the rain didn't stop until after lunch. So we stayed in the motorhome all morning. Ruth made chicken soup with the leftover "pollo asada" from the other day. It's not that cold here, but the chicken soup was till yummy!

The title is a bit misleading because we're actually a few miles southeast of Cuernavaca, and about 80 kms (50 miles) south of the center of Mexico City.

(A) We are here!

When we arrived at the Diamante Campestre Park, we originally wanted to stay for a few days and then leave Sherman here and take the bus in to Mexico City for a few days. But, this park is a bit pricey for us and despite the many vacant spots, they wanted 120 pesos ($9.60) per night to leave Sherman here without us being here. As it is, we're already paying 240 pesos ($19.20) per night for a full hook up site. So, we paid for 3 nights, as we do want to go into Cuernavaca and look around. Now, we think we'll probably pay for one more night, leave here on Monday morning, and go to Valle de Bravo where we don't think we'll be charged anything for leaving Sherman while we go to Mexico City on the bus.

But, this is quite a nice park. Some pretty narrow streets to actually get here, but once you're inside the gate there's lots of room. There are probably 100 sites, but only about 17 of them are taken, all with long term weekenders from Mexico City. This is the first Mexican RV park we have been to that actually has Mexican RV's! I've heard that Mexico City actually has a few RV dealers.

Sherman sure looks happy here!

One of the five streets in the RV park.

Yesterday afternoon, the rains stopped and we were anxious to get out for a walk. I had studied the map and thought that a circular route leading back to the park would do, but I never checked how far it was. Turned out we walked 10.9 kms (6.8 miles) and we were gone two and a half hours. But, it was mostly through an industrial section, and too many trucks going by on some roads. Still, we enjoyed the walk.

This area is full of old hacienda style properties. Large, gated chunks of land with some very large old homes on them. Problem is, you can't get a good look at the houses! But, they sure have some nice gates...

There must be another entrance to this place because I don't think this gate has been open for a while!

Hard to see what's behind the wall!

Some are fancy.

And some are more plain.

Ruth spotted this little one having a drink.

An old church ruins.

Cuernavaca suburbs encroaching on farm land.

A huge cement factory.

The town of Chiconcuac has an old aquaduct.

Ruth at the entrance to the RV park. No signs, no nothing. Good thing we had the GPS co-ordinates. Almost looks like a prison of some kind, until you get inside.

On the way back, we bought 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of fresh strawberries for 20 pesos ($1.60). Delicious!


  1. Nice pictures! That park looks pretty nice, especially for that money. In south FL it would be a lot more:(

    1. One of the reasons we're in Mexico and not Florida!

  2. It looks like a beautiful park! Love the header picture. Great price too! ~wheresweaver

  3. Hopefully you will get to meet some of the DF RVers. They are a great bunch, we still correspond with some of them. Playa Luces use to be one of their Christmas vacation spots. We have seen some really old RV's and some bus conversions and even a brand new large Class A.

  4. Interesting that you've just run into your first Mexican RVers. I take it all the others you've seen are Americans.

    Great pictures. Love your header and the aquaduct especially. Thanks again for showing me places I've never even heard of! :-)


    1. No, actually most of the other RV'ers are Canadians from British Columbia and Quebec. Very few American RV'ers in Mexico.

  5. Great that the rain let up for you to get out for your walk. Always some new sites to see on your adventures, just keep having fun and enjoy!

  6. Hope its nice weather there, Kevin and Ruth. Been raining here for 2 days, and supposed to be raining tomorrow too. Then Monday, back to normal!! (We hope.)

  7. Sometimes I look at rain as a nice way of slowing us down and making for a relaxing day - this retirement can be taxing you know. :)

  8. Kevin we have 10 RV's here at Tres Amigos that are Americans!!!

    1. Well then Tres Amigos is not the norm. Our experience in traveling all of Mexico for 4 winters is that Canadian RV'ers outnumber American RV'ers by probably 10 to 1 if not more.


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