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Monday, February 27, 2012

More new friends

Sundays are busiest here at Embarcadero Chago. (Chago's Marina) We pretty much have the place to ourselves during the week, so it's a welcome change to interact with the others on the weekends. There are several families of "regulars" who come here, and we were happy to meet some more people yesterday.

You'll remember the little birthday fiesta we attended on Saturday with weekend neighbours Paco and Oty...we had told them about real natural maple syrup and the majority of Mexican's have never tried it. So we invited Paco and Oty over for pancake breakfast with real maple syrup. We carry around a six month supply while we're here in Mexico! Forgot to get a picture, but they sure enjoyed it with Ruth's special corn flour pancakes.

Next, it was a special day because it was the annual half marathon here that runs between Colorines and Valle de Bravo...a 21 km route. And the route went right by the entrance to the marina. The road was closed which caused a traffic nightmare for anyone wanting to go into town because you simply couldn't!

We were at the 15 km mark.

Oty's brother was in the race. Here's Oty running with her brother and giving encouragement. Paco is on the right taking pictures.

Chago had told us we could take a kayak out one day, no charge, and the water was fairly calm yesterday morning. He has several kayaks for rent but only one is built for two people. We had a nice paddle along the shore for an hour or so. Quite a few people out waterskiing so it was fun trying to ride over the wake created by the motorboats!

Ruth, ready to go kayaking, with Chago in the background talking on his cell phone.

There are quite a few marinas on the shore of Lago Avandaro.

Kevin, enjoying a nice morning on the lake. That big houseboat hasn't been used since we got here. It's almost too big for the lake!

When we arrived here, a large older travel trailer had just been set up. There's been some renovations going on with it like replacing some floor and carpeting, and yesterday the family who bought it showed up. This will be their weekend retreat when it's finished. Youngest daughter Daniela came over and knocked on our door and asked if we wanted to come over for some food. We had just had lunch, but we went over to say hello to the family.

It turns out that they had spent quite a bit of time on a long vacation to Toronto and area. The younger ones spoke a little English and boyfriend Alex's English was just a little better than our Spanish so although we tried in Spanish it was nice to have him to translate some of the more difficult conversation so the parents could understand everything we were talking about. We learn just a little more every day! We had a fun afternoon talking with them, and hopefully we will see them again before we leave here.

Alex, Daniela, Jaime, Lillia, Lupita, and Jocelyn with their travel trailer.


  1. Looks like you enjoyed another great day at the lake.
    Now matter where you go in Mexico you can always make new friends, such friendly people.

  2. I miss Mexico. Thanks for the taste, it was great

  3. That is one honkin' big houseboat. Did they float the thing in there? I've seen them that big in the States, but usually on a river or larger body of water.
    Just seems out of place some how.
    We've had the "Vienna Marathon" go right by our building. Slightly different "feel" to it though.

    1. I have no idea how they got that big houseboat down to this lake. The lake is not really that big. We've seen several boats where I've said to Ruth that the boat is too big for the lake!

  4. WOW...nice house boat and nice picture of Kevin. Glad you had a great time with you new friends. ~wheresweaver


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