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Friday, February 24, 2012

Valle de Bravo (day 8)

Took the collectivo taxi into town again yesterday. Needed some more fruit and veggie, and wanted to explore a  different area.

We walked to the main marina in town. It's nothing special, just a few floating restaurants and a lot of salesmen trying to get you to go with them for a boat ride. And of course this town is pretty quiet during the week and we look like tourists so we got to practice saying "no, gracias"!

The main marina in Valle de Bravo

Another nice view of the ritzy part of town. That's the rock we climbed to the top of the other day.

Walking back to the central market, we wandered down a street that had many expensive "designer" types of shops. Because there are many well off people who live here and visit here on the weekends, I guess these places do okay.

This street had many expensive shops with "international" grocery stores, and places selling grain fed beef, and that sort of thing.

Made it to the market and found a place that had lots of very fresh looking fruits and vegetables. Bought a huge bag of stuff...cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, red pepper...total of about $7.00. We love shopping for fresh fruits and veggies in Mexico!

We have our trip to Mexico City all planned out. We leave here by bus next Friday March 2 and stay in the central area with our first couchsurfing host, a younger guy with an apartment, until Monday March 5. Then we move to the southeastern part of the city to stay with a family in their house until Thursday March 8. 

(Explanation of "couchsurfing" here.)


  1. We have a ranch market here in this area that we can get fruit and veggies at a great price. Love it. Can't believe we're talking about March already.

  2. What a beautiful area ~ sounds like a great day at the market...
    Have fun

  3. I know you explained couchsurfing, but I can't remember. Do you stay in his apartment while he's gone?

    1. Hi Karen, I included a link in the above post to explain couchsurfing a little better. No, we stay with the guy wile he's in his apartment. Part of the benefit of couchsurfing is that you get to interact with people who actually live in the area you are visiting.

  4. What a lovely little town. Sherman stays where he is while you go "couch surf" right?? Hope he doesn't get lonely. :-)

  5. I always get hungry when you list all the things you bought at the market. We have not found any kind of farmer's market here in the hill country.

  6. Some great photos of your visit there.

  7. great place to be couch surfing I would say...

  8. excellent pictures...couch surfing sounds like fun..hopefully you don't both have to share the same couch :)

  9. A glorious header and fantastic photos. Floating restaurants sound good. Looks like you've got Mexico all sorted!


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