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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January expenses

Considering we have had our daughter and grandson here since January 18, we did pretty good. And, we did a fair bit of driving in January so our gas expenses were a little higher. But, we still did really well, with January expenses coming in at a total of $1,062.09.

Gas: We spent $270.03 on gasoline. But, we drove 1,200 kms (744 miles), so that was expected.

January driving...1,200 kms (744 miles)

Toll roads: We spent $50.91 on toll roads. It's a tough call using toll roads because there is always a free road alternative. But sometimes they are not in as good condition and go through the small towns and use way more gasoline. We've decided that using the toll road is usually worth the expense.

Propane: Didn't have to buy any propane in January, but the tank is getting low so we'll have to fill up next week.

Groceries: We spent $219.70 on groceries. Slightly higher than our average of $184, and that can be directly attributed to Lindsey and Cameron being here. Still, it is obvious that groceries are a lot cheaper in Mexico than Canada!

Alcohol: Slightly over budget at $110.03. We try for $100 a month. Oh well.

Miscellaneous: Always a tough one to call because you never know what might come up. January came in at $137.17, slightly above our average, but we're still happy with that. This category includes things such as buses, taxis, laundry, internet etc.

Entertainment: Way under budget, especially considering Lindsey and Cameron are here. We only spent $68.49, and that includes meals out! Most of it was on ice cream and popsicles. They make the best ice cream in Mexico!

Overnight: Slightly higher than we like to spend, coming in at $205.76 for January. However, we notice that our average for the last for months is $196, so I guess it's not bad. Expensive stays at both Uruapan and Acapulco is what made it higher than we'd like it to be.

So, our average for the last four months is $880 per month. You can live very inexpensively in Mexico!


  1. All in all I wish I could live on a budget like that, I love the picture of Lindsey and Cameron in the river. Now if only there was a train going over that bridge. Maybe next year will be our chance to try a Mexican Winter, just have to get Donna retired. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Very good budget report. I agree on living inexpensively in Mexico. I don't know how retirees make in the U.S. and Canada??

  3. Thanks for the information. Always great to see what it costs other full timers wherever they are.

    I've seen Ms. Clara Camper on several blogs today pushing that website. Would that be considered spam??

  4. I was thinking of you yesterday wondering how the budget came out. It's always higher and you do different things when you have extra people around.
    I'm really surprised it's not more than that.

    It's interesting in all the places you're going and no trouble. I guess once you're way South of the USA border it's better. I also follow Tioga George going all through Mexico. Have fun, I'm following your blogs.

  5. We love reading your blog of course, but Steve is even more interested each time you post your budget! He mutes the TV and turns away from his computer and LISTENS to me read it word for word out loud to him! I am not kidding.. he really does!
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. You did amazingly well on the entertainment cost! Mexico is so cheap!


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