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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Trip to San Cristobal and fundraising update

Lets get to the important stuff first!

We have broken through the $3,000 goal and are now headed for $4,000 with two days to go. As of this morning, our total for the orphanage stands at $3,541 CAD!

If you can afford twenty bucks (most of you wouldn't even miss it!) this is a great cause where your money goes directly to help the kids.

Read this, and then take five minutes out of your day to do something about it...


And to those of you who have already done so...thank you!

Okay, so yesterday we rented a 14 passenger van and driver for three days. Unfortunately Bob and Denise are staying behind at the orphanage with their dog Scarlet. We miss you guys!

The van and driver cost 12,500 pesos ($890 CAD, $673 USD), which sounds expensive initially, but when you divide it by 12 people it's not bad. Plus, having our own van saves us a lot of time, and when we only had three days, two nights, we can see more stuff here. And, it's convenient.

It took us two hours to do the drive from Ocozocuatla to San Cristobal.

There is a new free road running south of the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, and while it is a longer distance and probably takes the same amount of time, it's much better than driving right through the city.

Yesterday's van ride.
Nice to have someone else do the driving for a change!

We had rented a big old Mexican house for the group... 6 bedroooms and 5 bathrooms! For the two nights, it cost 3,600 pesos ($257 CAD, $194 USD)... again, divided by 12 people a pretty good deal. It's pretty basic, but it will do for the two nights.

We arrived, and quickly set out. First stop was for some lunch, and then some wandering around.

The cathedral.

Last time we were here was at the end of February 2018. At the time, the cathedral was covered in scaffolding and they were doing some repairs from the earthquake that hit this area in September 2017. In fact, many of the churches in the area are still either closed due to structural damage or still undergoing repairs.

One of the pedestrian streets.

Lots of colorful stuff for sale.

Lots of detail on the front of this church!

That church is still undergoing repairs. It is only open for visitation in the morning hours, and then workers continue repairs during afternoon and evening.

San Cristobal de las Casas.

Market time.

Can you see how tall I am?
I could probably make the San Cristobal basketball team!


Many people in this area don't like their photo to be taken.
Either this lady didn't mind, or she didn't realize she was in the photo.

Dried fish.

Closed for repairs.

The plaza in front of the cathedral.

Having happy hour!
Jim doesn't look very happy. Cheer up Jim...lol.

Today, the van is picking us up at 9:00am and taking us touring for the day.

Don't forget to donate...scroll back up and click that link!

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  1. So glad you've already overtaken last years total - can't wait to see what you do with it. I love markets like that - those onions, absolutely beautiful!

    1. We are too! It now means that we can buy even more stuff that is needed at the orphanage. :-) We are going to have a busy day shopping on Friday. :-)

      We love the markets here in Mexico, they have some of the best looking and cheapest produce that we have seen anywhere in our travels.

  2. San Cristobal is a beautiful city. I do however remember our three days there as being freezing cold and I managed to pick up a severe cold that kept me in bed for a whole day! Yes, the Mayan people are very short! We could both easily make the basketball team!

    1. San Cristobal is a wonderful little city. We really enjoy our visits here and one day we need to come and spend more time here because there is so much to see in the area as well which we just haven't had time to see. Sorry that your three days were so cold, we have been lucky and the temperature has been perfect for us.

      Yep, you would have no problem at all in making the basketball team here! :-)

  3. Did Bob and Denise have to stay behind because of their dog? Love San Cristobal de las Casas, so it was great to see your photos. Have only been there once, but it was magical!

    1. The answer is pretty much yes. They knew going into the trip that they were to be responsible for Scarlett and if they didn't feel comfortable leaving her with someone to watch then they would have to stay back. We did try to accommodate Scarlett on our trip because the house that we rented would have let Scarlett stay but unfortunately the company that we rented our van and driver from would not allow Scarlet in the van and they can't take her on the public bus system either. I had offered to stay behind and watch her, like I did up at Creel and the Copper Canyon, when they did the overnight train trip but they declined my offer. We are going to meet up with them today at Chiapa de Corzo for the boat ride through the Sumidero Canyon and a the drive above the Canyon before returning to the orphanage though.

      We are glad that you enjoyed our photos of San Cristobal, We have really enjoyed our visits here too, definitely a beautiful place to see.

  4. Hi Kevin: Just wondering about mosquitoes on your travels in Mexico. There is some news wrt Dengue fever. SOOOOOO happy about you passing your goal for the donations this year. Great work you guys. Thanks. Rob

    1. We have seen very little in the way of mosquitoes but lots of noseeums and these were both mainly by the coast. The only place that we found the bugs to be bad when we were inland was near Cuernavaca, otherwise we haven't had any problems with them at all.

      We are very happy to have surpassed our goal as well. We are looking forward to going out and spending this money on things that the orphanage needs, plus some fun stuff for the kids. :-)

  5. Love that photo of the interesting church facade. The Mexicans really take pride in their churches and look after them as best they could. Beautiful photos of life around San Cristobal. Thanks for the tour and congratulations on reaching your charity goal!

    1. Yes, that is a beautiful facade for sure, it's too bad that weren't able to go inside of the church. I remember doing so the first year that we came to San Cristobal and if I remember correctly it wasn't an ornate looking church inside but it was still very beautiful.

      We really needed more time to see San Cristobal properly, we have been there four times now and still have yet to see the whole town, there are certainly lots of interesting things to see here.

      It felt so good to reach our goal and then to proceed to surpass it. We have had a couple of busy days spending the money on things that the orphanage needs, as well as some fun stuff for the kids. :-)


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