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Friday, February 7, 2020

Heading further south

On Wednesday, we headed further south. We enjoyed our time at Paul's place south of Acapulco, however it was baking hot and not enough ocean breeze reached into our camping area. A couple of nights was good, but we had been there four nights and we knew it was time to move on.

We knew we didn't have a far drive, so we headed out at 10:30am south on highway 200 towards Puerto Escondido.

Ruth and I have done this route many times, in both directions.

A good spot for an RV to break up the drive either way is at Playa Ventura. (Some maps call it Juan Alvarez). So that's where we were headed.

We stopped for gas along the way. Sherman was getting low! We hadn't put any fuel in since January 20th when we left Zitacuaro. Only about 600 kms (365 miles) on that tank of fuel, and with all the ups and downs and steep inclines, we might have only got 8 mpg at best. We filled it up from pretty much empty and put in 220 liters. Sherman's tank only holds 228 liters, so we cut it a bit close. But, I am pretty familiar with Sherman's limitations and was confident that we wouldn't run out. The cost was 4,400 pesos ($317 CAD, $237 USD).

We followed another rig for a little while.
It had California plates.

A nice new bridge.

Scenery while crossing the bridge.

When Ruth and I first did highway 200 between Puerto Escondido and Acapulco back in February of 2009, it was a narrow two lane highway with lots of potholes, topes, and overgrown trees. Now, some parts have been improved, but some sections are still the same as it was back then.

Always lots of stuff for sale at the side of the road.

Two lane major highway.

We pulled in to Playa Ventura around 1:30pm. We had only done about 105 kms (65 miles), but it's a twisty curvy road with lots of topes and towns to go through. You can't get anywhere fast in Mexico, and especially on highway 200.

We pulled in to the same beachfront parking area we had used last year, The guy remembered us, and charged the same 50 pesos ($3.50 CAD, $2.65 USD) per night per rig parking fee we had paid last year.

Looking north.

Our parking spot.

Looking south.

I spent a lot of time here!

My view!

Garth, Sue, and Roy.

We went for dinner and this was our view.

No sunset... it was too cloudy.

Playa Ventura is a sleepy little beachfront village from Monday to Friday when there are no holidays taking place. But it gets quite busy at Christmas and Easter and July and August. And, weekends.

We took the group out for dinner, and we could tell that everybody was pretty happy here. Our schedule allows for some flexibility, so we decided that we would stay an extra day.

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  1. Beautiful and I am envious as usual.

    1. It is beautiful here and luckily it is still a very much untouched little Mexican fishing/beach town. :-)

  2. Nice little town. Being right on the ocean should keep you cool at night.

    1. It is a great little Mexican beach town and yes, we were definitely cooler here at night with a nice breeze coming of the ocean. :-)


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