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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Long drive to the coast, but now we have some beach time ahead of us!

On the road yesterday right at 9:00am for our 307 km (190 mile) drive to the coast. Since most of our route is on toll road, you would think that would be a three or four hour drive, right?


You never get anywhere fast in Mexico. As well, we had to plan in a fuel stop and a lunch stop... so I figured we might get to our destination by 2:30pm or so.

And I was pretty close.

Here is our route map from yesterday's drive...

Yesterday's drive 307 kms (190 miles).

There was one thing we didn't take into consideration, however I doubt it would have changed our plans anyhow. Monday is a national holiday in Mexico.... Constitution Day. So there was a lot more traffic than normal, with a lot of people headed to the beach for the long weekend.

Beautiful sunrise with the Popocatépetl Volcano.

We couldn't get in line leaving our overnight spot, so we got a different view of the rigs!

We stopped for fuel early, and then got ourselves on the 95D toll road. Ruth and I have done this road before... it's the most logical route from Mexico City to the coast, and it's expensive... but it makes the most sense even given the cost.

But it was a long time ago that we were on this highway, and I didn't remember how many ups and downs there were along the way. It's a major highway with two lanes in each direction... good thing because some sections are long and steep, both uphill and downhill. Lots of slow moving trucks and at times Sherman was slow moving too. He struggles on long steep uphill sections and he had to summon all of his horses more than a couple of times!

Three or four sections of construction had us down to one lane.

Big bridge.

View from the bridge. 

Another construction section.

These guys are earning their pesos working in the hot sun.


Another bridge.

The only problem with this highway is its lack of rest stops. We knew in advance that there are very few fuel stops along the way, which is why we filled up ahead of time. But we didn't remember that there are also very few spots for a group of 8 motorhomes to stop for a break or for lunch.

We asked the security guard at this industrial park if we could park at their entrance for a half an hour for lunch. He said that was fine as long we didn't block any vehicles coming or going.

Scenery along the way.

Coming into the commercial section south of Acapulco at Diamonte.

It cost 880 pesos ($61.72 CAD, $46.65 USD) to do the section from Cuernavaca to Acapulco in a motorhome. Expensive, yes. But from Cuernavaca there is no other logical route, especially with a  group of 8 motorhomes.

This interchange wasn't there last time we were here!

We tried to make a stop at the big Super Che grocery store, but the parking lot was too busy. We will have to take the collectivo back up there today.

The place we are staying has no official name that we know of yet. Our friends Paco and Oti from Valle de Bravo had suggested this property. It's owned by a French Canadian guy named Paul. I think it's a kind of a work in progress, but Paul himself is also an RV'er and I think he's trying to put an RV park in here. For now, it's just dry camping, but he did put in an electrical outlet and WiFi and he's just about got the dump station finished. Says that it should be ready to use by the time we leave.

Paul's worker cutting us some fresh cocos to drink.

Mmm. Fresh coco juice. Goes well with a shot of rum in it!

Nice level parking area with lots of palm tree shade.

We are on the lagoon side of the highway, but the ocean is only a five minute walk away. There is a rustic restaurant beach bar right across the highway, and Paul brought us over there to introduce us to the owners. Some of us went over there later for dinner.

Our group having a drink before dinner.

Acapulco area typically has gorgeous sunsets.
Last night was not a great example. We will try to do better tonight!

Not sure what's on the agenda for today. We've got only four nights penciled in here, but we have some flexibility so we'll see what happens.

The Coleman 13 x 15 Instant Screenhouse is at the low end of the pricing scale right now!

And in Canada...


  1. For dry camping that looks like a beauty spot! Those bridges look far more advanced than most of our Canadian ones!

    1. It was a great spot. We wouldn't hesitate to come back here again and spend several nights. Looks like there is a lot of hiking that could be done here. :-)

      There were definitely some big and beautiful bridges on this road.

  2. Living large through your adventures every day while I am at W-O-R-K......Doug says only 33 more days to go!

    1. So glad that you are enjoying our adventures. Sounds like the end is near for you. Is the 33 days to go for both of you or only one of you?

  3. Great sunrise pic of volcano! Are all the bridges like those, looked huge.. lots of interesting views!!

    1. Thank you! It was a beautiful sunrise to wake up to, that is for sure. :-)

      No, not all the bridges are like that, only some and those ones are usually on the toll roads.

  4. Please don't stop doing these caravans. I have 4 more years to go before I can join you..So fun to watch your adventures and how you all handle the occasional hiccup.

    1. We can't guarantee that, lol! Having said that we might stop doing them for a few years so that we can travel to other countries but then we could start doing them again after that. We never know what the future holds for us.

  5. Replies
    1. I like the sunrise better but the sunset was pretty too! :-)


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