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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A visit to Acapulco and a great Acapulco sunset

Tuesday morning, we had planned a day trip into Acapulco for anybody who was interested. It turned out that not many people were interested! Also, a couple of people weren't feeling well. There is some kind of 36 hour bug going around the group, and almost everybody has had it now to some extent... except me!

Knock on wood...!

Anyhow, Ruth ended up going in with Jim to see the cliff divers and some of the city.

I stayed behind and did some minor maintenance work on Sherman.

So Ruth went in with Jim, and here are her photos of the day...

It was an overcast start to the day... but baking hot.

Apolonio Castillo was one of the original Acapulco cliff divers.

You can read his story here.

Ruth took a couple of videos for you.
The first one is the guy climbing up the cliff to the platform.
The second is of the dive itself.

There he goes!

Meanwhile, I had some minor repairs to do to Sherman. He wasn't running just right when he got hot, and we did a fair bit of that climbing hills recently. Anyhow, I ended up finding a corroded wire that led to the ignition coil and that seems to have made a difference.

The rest of the day was just trying to stay cool.

Ruth and Jim showed up around happy hour, and before you knew it we had a magnificent sunset. We had to cross the road to get the best view of the sunset, and this is how it worked out...

Wow, what a sunset.

Decent price drop on the new Blackstone Charcoal Griddle Combo.

And in Canada...


  1. Good thing you are knocking on Wood as that Coronavirus is getting around.
    I agree with the warmer temperatures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are honestly not the least bit worried about the Coronavirus, especially down here.

      We like this area and being near the beach is nice but Kevin and I and many of the others are already looking forward to being back up in the mountains in the slightly cooler temperatures. :-)

  2. Those cliff divers are so brave! Looks to me as though lots of people watch them as well. That sunset is amazing!

    1. Yes, the cliff divers, they are definitely trained well for this. And yes, lots of people still go to watch them, especially if there is a cruise ship in town.

      The sunset was a spectacular one! :-)

  3. Acapulco itself doesn't look very attractive, and I am aware of safety concerns there. But looks like you made out alright, and the sunset is gorgeous!

    1. Like anywhere else, there are some parts of the city that are very pretty and other parts that aren't so pretty. It is not a city that we would spend much time in but it is usually nice to visit for just the day. When Jim and I were walking downtown, not once did we feel unsafe but again I am sure that there are lots of places in the city that you wouldn't want to be caught wandering around in. The hotel zone area was full of people but most of the tourists are people visiting from Mexico City.

      Acapulco never lets us down for beautiful sunsets! :-)

  4. Love a sunset dropping into the ocean.

    1. This was definitely a gorgeous sunset! :-)


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