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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Into the city of Oaxaca

There is so much to see and do around the city of Oaxaca that we haven't spent much time in the city itself. Ruth and I were here at the beginning of March 2013 when we spent a week or so in the city, but otherwise it has only been the surrounding area.

Friday, we went with some of the group into the city.

We hopped on the local bus and rode it 15 kms (9 miles) or so into the center of the city. Cost was 10 pesos ($0.70 CAD, $0.51 USD) then we walked about a mile to the central plaza.

A church along the way.

The Oaxaca Cathedral.

Inside the cathedral looking back at the organ.

The Oaxaca Theatrer.
Unfortunately they only do tours Monday to Thursday.

Pedestrian street in Oaxaca.

Colorful "alebrijes" style head above the entrance.

Scenery along the way.

The church of Santo Domingo de Guzman.
This church is not the cathedral, but it is actually more worthwhile visiting.

Nice day in the central plaza.

We had lunch at the market... a stall called Comedor Maria Alejandra in the Mercado 20 de Noviembre. Probably one of the best enchiladas verde con pollo I have ever had. I make note of this here for future reference! Big pink and yellow sign. Didn't take any photos... I was too hungry!

We took the local bus back to the campground, stopping at the Walmart to pick up a few items.

Back at the campground we did a pot luck dinner with our hosts Kate and Del and some of their friends...


Saturday, we had a great day... stay tuned for Sunday morning's blog post!


And in Canada...

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