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Monday, February 10, 2020

Our campsite and some bird photos

Yesterday was just a relax day. I got caught up on some computer stuff, and even put my hammock up and had a snooze!

Four of the group went into town and found a beach club with a swimming pool where they spent the day. Not a bad idea. You pay 200 pesos entrance, and then can use that 200 pesos as a credit to uy food or drink if you wish. And you get to use the facilities for the day.

We had a few games of Qwirkle, and did some bird watching.

Larry spotted this odd fellow.

A different angle.

It is a bare-throated tiger heron.

Spotted this odd bug when I was taking down my hammock.

A juvenile black hawk.

My, what sharp talons you have!

We have spent three nights parked up at the Centro Turistico La Alejandria. It's a kind of multipurpose boating place on the lagoon. They have some cabins for rent and a basic restaurant that serves delicious food. It's a family run business, and they are super friendly people. Other than the barking dogs, we really enjoyed our stay and will return again.

GPS 15.93915, -97.16466

No hookups, but water, basic 15 amp electricity, and dump station are available.
As are basic cold water showers.

There is a large shaded grassy area for tents or day use.

This morning, we have moved the rigs into Puerto Escondido. We are parked near the beach and will probably spent some time there later on after doing some grocery shopping.

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And in Canada...


  1. First of all belated Happy Birthday Kevin!! We are still loving your adventures on the road in Mexico. It won't be long and the snow will be going away in the great white north and we will all have to start our migration north again. The nice thing about that is that we will have all summer to plan our next adventure!!! Safe travels!!

    1. Kevin says, thank you very much for the birthday wishes! :-)

      We are glad that you are still enjoying our adventures down here in Mexico, maybe next year you will go and visit some of the places that we have talked about and shown you pictures of. Yep, it won't be long before we start heading north with our group as well but it will be a slow trip north.

  2. "Bare-throated tiger heron." Yeah, I make up names when I don't know what they are, too. Oh look! There goes a limp-beaked frazzle snatcher right now!

    1. Lol, we couldn't have made that name up if we tried! Trust us, it is a real thing!!! :-)

  3. Looks like a nice spot, and I love the up-close Heron photos. Stunning! Something I've been wondering for a long time here in Mexico and also in other locales, do you know what is up with the white paint (or whatever it is) on the bottom of the palms? Assume it is some sort of insecticide or fungicide but have never known for sure. Thanks!

    1. It was a nice spot. A beautiful view of the lagoon with great sunsets and lots of birds. It also had lots of shade which was really needed and a short collectivo ride into Puerto Escondido. :-)

      We have wondered the same thing and have asked the question numerous times and we almost always get a different answer each time. We were pretty sure that it was some type of insecticide mixed in with the paint/lime combo but then we often see ants and bugs on the trees, so maybe there isn't anything mixed in with the paint and it is just purely for aesthetic purposes, who knows?!

    2. The mystery continues, then, thanks! I think the trees look a lot better in their natural state, so I hope it has another purpose!

    3. Maybe it will always be a mystery, lol!

  4. Nice spot with lots of trees for shade. Love the picture of that heron... half his body easily blended with his background....and that hawk stayed long enough for Kevin to take a few close up shots. Good job as usual!

    1. Yes, it was a nice spot with lots of trees but that also presented a bit of a problem for some because there was too much shade and their solar panels weren't getting enough sun each day to recharge their batteries, so a few people had to move their units into the sun for part of the day.

      That heron was very different and very beautiful, this was definitely a great bird watching spot there.


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